Friday, November 16, 2007

Rick's Angels

I wanted to put a pic up of my boss and our team. We had department pictures taken for our monthly newsletter as a "Merry Christmas" picture...or should I say, "Happy Holidays" picture, to be politically correct. This is just one of the silly pic's we took. Since there are 3 of us b-e-a-utiful gals, we have started being referred to as, "Rick's Angels". My bosses name is Rick Redford. Yes, he is in fact related to Robert Redford. Can't you tell? He looks just like the young Robert.

Saturday, November 03, 2007

I've Been Tagged!

So, I've been tagged by Tammy which means I have to write a blog with 7 random facts about myself and then tag 7 other people to do the same thing. Then the people I tag are supposed to write a comment on my most current post... which will be this one. I don't think I even know 7 people that have a blog to tag, but hopefully the few that I DO will not hate me. :)

I just got home for the night and have had a chance to talk all night to Jeremy(1) and Heather. Since Heather talked over me a lot tonight (love ya Heath), I had the chance to sit and internalize what my thoughts and feelings were. Therefore, I probably have a lot of deep thoughts today for my "Seven" random things about me.

1. I have had many things in my life to give me reason to not believe in love, but I do and that is a comfort and relief.

2. Although I know that many people have heard me complain about my dating life to the point that they think I seem hopeless in ever finding anyone to get married to, I actually don't feel that way. I know that I've never been satisfied with myself in my own life to this point to allow that to be "the next step". I feel at peace and proud to truly KNOW for myself that there is someone out there for me that will be my partner in life to accomplish the things that I am supposed to in conjunction with his. I feel very calm knowing that my life is not meant for me nor is my purpose to be on this earth for anything less. I know that without that fulfillment in my life, it would not serve it's purpose here. What the actual purpose IS, I have no idea. But I have in fact felt that very strongly, and feel at peace about the unknown. That in itself is a huge feat for many.

3. I'm afraid of not being a very good parent and not being a consistent person in my children's lives. I see from many around me how much their childhood directs them for the rest of their lives. It makes or breaks you, but I guess that is all dependant on the person and how they have learned to deal with the challenges they've been given.

4. I LOVE Christmas and am putting my tree up tomorrow. As of tomorrow, my house will smell like pumpkin spice through the season, have a seasonal candle, be clean so that cookies can be made at a moments notice, christmas music will be playing at all times to set the tone/mood, and christmas drinks will be available at all times for all who come over. Working on Christmas presents is about to become a priority... right after my Christmas Tree party. You know... I must have a party for the erection of the tree. :)

5. I just re-read my profile on here and realized how much of a comfort it is that no one has it figured out. NO ONE! Even the people in your life that you have always looked up to and considered your mentors... they don't either. In fact, you probably do some things a lot better than even they do. Don't ever compare your 'worst' with someone else's 'best'.

6. Although my house is pretty clean on any given day, I always have a pile of clothes in my room. It's not just a small pile either. It's a gigantic pile. I don't know how it accumulates so fast, but it does. And if you can't see one when you come in, then it's probably because I've shoved it into my closet. On rare occasions you will find that every piece of clothing has been hung up, but that's probably only for the next 24 hours before the miserable pile begins again. My poor, poor future husband. He'll need his own room. I've been known to go to the store and buy new clothes merely because I can't find what I'm looking for in my room, or don't want to do my laundry and need something to wear right then. Awful isn't it?!

7. Because of all of the scary movies my dad showed me when I was little, to this day I still won't kneel next to my bed to say my prayers. And although I'm not scared anymore, I have mentally trained myself not to do that because I remember how scared I was when I was younger. I thought that there was a clown under my bed or chucky was going to get me. No siree... They aren't going to get me. :) No way!