Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Little Tate

While I'm at posting, I should put up a few things about my kiddos that I always "think" about and never do.

Our sweet, sweet, little Tatey-Bug...
I haven't written much about tate on here, but let it be known that it has no stance on where this little guy stands in my heart.

I couldn't have had more different children. Tate is such a little love bug. I finally got a cuddly kid, 'cause Teagan is NOT cuddly and has never been that way since the moment he was born. Tate has always been very little in size, measuring with in the 30th percentile and Teagan was always measuring in the 75th - 90th percentile. Tate will still have his daddy's hair color, but has my skin tone. Unfortunatley, Teagan got his dad's skin tone and we have to make sure to spray him down with SPF 50 every 30 minutes when we are in the sun. lol

Tate is such a little character and is our comic relief. He is very animated and jibber jabbers all day long. (Seriously, he doesn't stop talking.) He was already saying words at 11 months old and by the time he turned ONE (which I can't believe), he already had a vocabulary of about 15 words. He was even putting words together, like "Bye Bye Daddy!". Our doctor told me, "Now don't feel bad when I say this, but Tate is a FREAK OF NATURE! Kids just don't say that many words yet and he is far advanced above children that are doing well." Now, that made me such a proud mommy!

Tatey started crawling at 8 months and then walking at 12 months. He still looks so little, it is hard to believe that such big words come out of his little body that is walking around. One day we were at Walmart and he was saying "Bubbles" and pointing to the bubbles... and this lady stopped and said, "My WORD... that is a very large word coming out of this little baby! How old is he?" He pretty much mimics anything you tell him to say. He can even say "Turtle", "Cracker", "Purple", along with the simple ones - mama, papa, daddy, bye bye. He calls yogurt, "Yogi" and he even calls Teagan, "Teagy". He calls Honey Coco, "Coco".

And if you didn't know, I will tell you this little blip on the side. My kids call their grandma's "Honey". Teagan just started calling them "Honey" one day. We are not sure if it's because Jeremy's dad calls Lona "Honey" all the time or if it's because everyone calls Teagan "Honey". But he calls Lona "Honey Lona" and my mom "Honey Coco". I think it's the cutest name ever. I couldn't have come up with a better name for "grandma" on my own. Tate can even say "Honey", but it's not one of the easier words that he says very often.

But, back to Tate... He has absolutely no interest in sign language like Teagan did. And he doesn't care to watch any of the Baby Einstein movies like Teagan did either. They pretty much don't like any of the same toys or foods as one another. But, just as Teagan did, he started playing with cars and trucks and making sound effects for them right away. I don't know how boys just know how to do that at such a young age, but they do.

And that's my short update on Tate. :)

Moving to the LAND DOWN UNDER!

So, if you haven't already heard...

Our little family will be moving to the "Land Down Under" at the end of the year 2011! Jeremy has recently had an AMAZING promotion at Symantec to be a Business Critical Engineer in Canberra, Australia which is the capital of AUS. We will be living there anywhere from 1 to 4 years. He will start his new promotion as quickly as he can get his work visa... which is anywhere from 4 to 12 weeks. I am soooo proud of him! He has been working so hard and in turn has gained an awesome opportunity for our family to go to a different country and learn a new culture.

In the meantime I will be very busy getting things ready for us to move and getting ready for this little baby to join our family at the beginning of December. Jeremy will be flying home to be here on December 2nd, which is when I'm tentatively scheduled to be induced; and will stay here through Christmas. Then we will all be heading over together as a family.

Holy Cow! We are still awaiting some of the details and should know more today or tomorrow... but, can you freakin' believe this? What an exciting adventure for our family. Our little kiddo's will be coming home with Aussie accents. :) I will for sure need to get better at updating my blog when we leave.

Most likely my sister Kiley will be moving down there with us for the first few months to help out during the hardest months with the baby. I'm keeping my fingers crossed that it works out that way cause my biggest fear of the whole move is being by myself with a working hubby and with THREE little boys THREE years old and younger!

PS. The pics above were taken by my friend Chelle. She did a great job and came to a family get together at my grandparents for my mom's birthday. I will have to post the other pics on here too. And yes, I'm already getting swollen from the pregnancy. If you don't remember how bad I swell up... then click on my posts from November 2008 and scroll down to see my fat kankley feet. :)

Tuesday, July 12, 2011

What do all of these have in common?

Don't even know if any of you still look at this but I can't contain myself to put this up.