Monday, November 30, 2009

11 Months & First Hair Cut

BEFORE Haircut Mohawk:
He is pulling his famous "Oooooooooooooooo"

AFTER Haircut: Shorter Mohawk. :)
Can't you hear him saying his famous phrase, "Whas' That?!" while pointing at the camera.

Sunday, November 29, 2009

Teagan's Favorite Things

Here are a few things that Teagan loves.
  1. Music: Teagan just loves listening to music. If he's ever upset when we're in the car driving, we just have to turn up the music and he will quiet down right away. He loves dancing to upbeat and jazzy music and especially loves listening to Christmas music right now. I think he might be able to carry a beat even. He gets embarassed to dance around Jreemy though. It's funny. He only dances with mommy and stops when daddy starts watching.

  2. Wheels and anything that spins: He will try to turn over every car and truck to spin the wheels on the bottom. Even if you have a stroller or if it's Jeremy's dads oxygen tank on wheels, he wants to spin it.
  3. Balls: Teagan is all boy. He loves playing catch and throwing balls. He will entertain himself at home just pushing balls around the house.
  4. Ceiling Fans: His favorite place to go is the hardware store and to be in the ceiling fan and light section. He just points and says, "WOW! OOOOOOO! What's That?" over and over. He loves to watch them spin around and round.
  5. Lights: Teagan loves to watch the lights turn on and off and seems fascinated with the illumination of light that it gives. We can entertain him forever turning the lights on and off.
  6. Baby Einstein: He learned how to say "Baby" the other day in sign language. I caught him watching it and following along. He is so smart and catching on to thngs so quickly.
  7. The Lawrence Welk Show: I found that this show will entertain him for as long as Baby Einstein does. He loves listening and dancing to the music that they play.
  8. Daddy, Daddy and more Daddy: Boy, this kid is sure a DADDY'S BOY! He doesn't want anything to do with me when Jeremy's around. He follows him around like a lost puppy. Jeremy can't get anythig done unless its with one hand because he is always holding Teagy.
  9. Dancing: Along with the music, dancing is a natural thing. He dances and dances all the time. It is so cute to watch him shake his little bum.
  10. And last, he loves Books and loves me to read them to him. He loves the touchy, feely Usborne books but always seems to pull the "The Early Bird" book out by Dr. Seuss. He will pull all the books off of his shelf and always bring me that book to read to him (even though he only has the attention span to point at the pictures and have me tell him what everythign is right now).