Saturday, January 09, 2010

Happy New Year 2010!

I sent this out via email to everyone I could think of. If I missed you, I apologize.

Family Newsletter 2010

[January, 2009]

Dear Family & Friends,
So here is our yearly holiday update. We never get around to sending this at Christmas, so our new tradition is sending it out after the New Year. I was going to wait and send this out after getting family pictures, but that just isn’t going to happen… so you will have take it with the snap shots we have right now.

I thought we wouldn’t be able to top the busy year we had last year, but I was wrong. With a new baby, there is never a dull moment and our life feels like it’s launching off… 

Family News
Jeremy has been busy with full time school and full time work. In between taking care of Teagan and doing homework there isn’t much time left to do anything but sleep and regenerate to start over again the next day. Jeremy has shined through all of our increased responsibilities this year. He has taken on more than he thought was possible and is successfully plowing through. I’m so proud of him and am so grateful to have a husband that cares for his family so much. I know he would do anything in our family’s best interest to provide and take care of the things we need. I’m blessed to have a husband that knows what is most important and puts us first.

I started back again in the working world in November and am still trying to find the balancing act that works best to fit everything in. It has been a tough year of looking for work with the economy. I’ve been greatly humbled after applying for 150 jobs to finally get the job I have. The Lord knew what job was right for me, because it ended up being a job that I can work from home at nights and weekends. Therefore, I can still stay at home with Teagan since Jeremy is off work by the time I start. However, it doesn’t leave much time for Jeremy and I to see one another that much. 

Teagan just turned the BIG ONE on Dec 19th. We can’t believe he’s already a year old. Teagan has filled our lives with so much joy and happiness and is truly a blessing to our family. He has such a sweet and special spirit and makes everyone around him smile. He loves anything that spins (wheels, wheels and more wheels) and loves anything that lights up or sparkles. He LOVES playing with balls and trucks! He is such a ‘boy’ through and through. He is known for his funny facial expressions and the funny noises that he makes up. Teagan is definitely a daddy’s boy. When daddy is home, he follows him around and is glued to him for the rest of the night. He also love, love, loves all of his grandpa’s and will sometimes even go to one of the grandpa’s before he goes to daddy.

Teagan started walking at only 10 months. As you can imagine, he is SO BUSY and into everything. He keeps us busy and running around all day. His doctor said that he is progressing really well and is impressed with him for walking so soon and so balanced. She was also impressed with his small vocabulary already. He says, “Wow”, “What’s that?” “Dad”, “Mama” and “Uh-oh”. He can also say “Baby”, “More”, “Bath” and “Ball” in sign language, (but never wants to do it when we want him to show someone, of course). He also loves music and dances to anything and everything with a beat.

Family Announcement
Our BIG announcement…. Baby Green #2 is on the way! I’m in my 2nd trimester and have been feeling really good this pregnancy (much better than my first one). The only complaint is that I’ve been really, really tired. But if that’s the only thing, then it’s not too bad.  We found out about the pregnancy after I was almost done with the 1st trimester… which tells you how much better I’m feeling this time around. I’m due on June 27 and will find out if it’s a boy or girl on January 11th. I am so positive it’s a boy and Jeremy is really hoping for a girl. We are so excited for Teagy to have a little brother or sister so close in age. I can’t wait for him to experience having a sibling and having a little lifelong buddy.

To Our Friends & Family
On a more spiritual note, we wanted to express our gratitude for all of the many blessings we have been given. It has been a really tough year for us and it sometimes takes some humbling hardships of life becoming more hectic and monetary means being less abundant to remember the things that count the most. The stress and busyness causes us to regroup and focus on the purpose and meaning we have here.

As many of you know, our little family was sealed together for time and all eternity on June 5th of 2009 in the Manti, Utah Temple. It was one of the most special and amazing days. I can attest that the adversary has worked very hard on us this year and we have become very dependent on the Lord. If we don’t stay close to our daily spiritual routine, things go downhill quickly. Everything starts falling apart around us when we don’t rely on the Lord in all we do. I know that it is through him and his atonement for us that we have a purpose and a plan.

Life really is all about family because that is who you have as your stability and as your rock foundation. They are the people that build you up and give you strength and encouragement when you are down. They are the people that give us purpose to keep going in the direction of our ultimate goals …even when it’s hard. Without our families we would live our lives with much uncertainty and without a sense of “place or home” in this world. Without family, we wouldn’t have anything to look forward to because there would be no one to share it with.

AND that rings true for all of the wonderful friends that we have been blessed with that we consider our family. Everyone needs a friend to lean on and have fun with and we have some of the best friends anyone could dream for. What a great feeling it is to be surrounded by so many people that love us and watch out for us. Thank YOU!

Wrapping It Up…
We hope that we can be that blessing and favor in return to you through our lives. I wish I could go on here and express what each of you have done to support us by making our lives better and easier but then no one would ever finish reading this letter. 

We wish you a happy and prosperous year of 2010! May your year be filled with the best surprises life can hand you and may we be there to experience it all with you.

With Much Love,
The Green’s
Jeremy, Tara , Teagan, Baby Green #2,
Banks and Franklin

Best wishes & Happy New Year from the Green family