Monday, January 21, 2008

Happy New Years!!! 2008

This year was really fun. We had some friends come over and play games, eat food and hang out and enjoy one another's company. We played Jeremy and my favorite game, Apples to Apples. We all watched the ball drop at midnight and banged pots and pans really loud. :)

Our group:

Our Favorite Game:

Our friend Ben:

Kate and Kenny:

Also, I had some flowers delivered to my desk the Friday previous to New Year's. They were B-E-A-utiful!!! Look at the vase they were in. Thank you baby!

New Year's Day:
Jeremy's cousin, one of his best friends, Jake, came over and played Guitar Hero 3 with me. His daughter Kwinn came over too. She's a New Year's baby so Jeremy bought her some cupcakes. Isn't she adorable?

Jeremy and the dogs were all tuckered out:

Sunday, January 20, 2008

Unofficially, Official!

The ring I picked out: (little did i know that this would change)

Yes! You read correctly. It is unofficially, official! October 11th 2008 is the big day. Here is a snippet of the big plans.

Wedding Colors: (main)Bronzy Red, Chocolate Brown, (accent)Orange, Yellow (Fall Colors)

Theme: Paris, France of Course

Registering at: Target, Bed Bath & Beyond (also changed, never registered. instead we just created a wedding website)

Wedding Ceremony (also changed to the joseph smith building): Salt Lake Temple I LOVE the architecture of this temple!!! It's so pretty. *We're hoping for an AM wedding, but can't schedule anything yet. Jeremy's been married in the temple before and his ex-wife is getting remarried in the temple. We don't know when though... So, we'll see how all of the paperwork 'works out'.

Reception: No Reception, just one big engagement party- TBA
**Dinner with family and a few of our friends**
(change again... ended up having an open house reception at jeremy's brothers)

Dinner will be held at the Joseph Smith Memorial Building in the Empire Room.
*Right now, this room IS available, and I need to put a deposit on it quick because it's the first room to get booked. This room is beautiful, stunning! It goes along with my France theme. It looks similar to the Palace of Versaille. Gorgeous chandeliers, dark wood, high ceilings, large paintings, ornate detail everywhere. But, I'm hesitant to do so in case something changes. I need to find out what their 'change' policy is.

Hopefully this loads. It is a large file. Here is the video clip of the Joseph Smith Memorial Building.

Our Wedding Cake: It's funny because right when I saw this cake I thought, "Yes, this is the one!" and it's funny because the name of it is, "Antoinette". Very fitting for our theme. (Marie Antoinette, Queen of France) Our cake will not have as many tiers because we won't be feeding as many people as what this particular cake serves.

Our honeymoon to Tahiti: As many of you may know, Jeremy served his mission in Tahiti. He speaks French, Tahitian and some Spanish. He hasn't been back since his mission, so it will be a fun reunion to see all of the families that meant so much to him. He will be proud to bring his Tahitian wife back with him. :) AND, crazy as this is, he knows my mom's birth mother, Hilda Wong, now Hilda Maratarangi. How crazy is that??

Jeremy is going to create a website for us. It will have all of our updates on it for the wedding. We're hoping to get the domain/URL Cute, huh? :) I will send it out when it's created.

Tara & Jeremy

So, most of you by now have asked me, "Who is the picture of that guy with you on your Instant Messenger?" For those of you that I don't talk to a lot, I have tried to call all of you and tell you what's been going on in my life. His name is Jeremy Green. He is in my ward, and although we never met at church, we met in my FHE (Family Home Evening) group. FHE is held at my house, and has been, for the last year. It has been a great opportunity for blessings as I've watched how holding Family Home Evening unifies the small family group in my ward. PLUS, I would've never met Jeremy had we not been in the "right place" at the "right time". :)

Jeremy is the one that gave me my Tahitian name from my previous blog... and that's kind of where it all began. ...Other than the fact that I wasn't quite diggin' him at the beginning. He just started coming around all of the time. Even when FHE wasn't going on, he would call and come over for no reason. He'd call to see if we could go to church, firesides, dog walks (because he too has a little dog like I do). He lives one building over from me in my complex, so it was extra convenient all the time. I remember looking at my phone every time he'd call and think, "Man! This Jeremy Green is calling AGAIN!" Sometimes I'd ignore his call, but I would ALMOST always call him back. He WAS in my FHE group, so I had to be nice, right? Apparently the other guys in my ward said I was giving him the wrong impression by merely calling back and that it told him that I was interested too. Really? I was just being nice.

But dangn't... Jeremy Green's persistence paid off. The little bugger grew on me and now we are pretty much connected at the hip. :) Jeremy found out the "background" of our "story" on Christmas Eve when my mom said to him, "Jeremy, I'm so glad you're persistent. Otherwise, you wouldn't be sitting right here with us. He looked at me and said, "What is that supposed to mean?" and my mom responded by saying, "Oh... Tara was going to blow you off." Wow! I didn't know what to say in my defense and Jeremy had a look of confusion on his face when he said, "I just thought you were really busy." lol

Some Pic's of Frank and Banks, our 2 kids.

Jeremy and I have known eachother for a short while and went out on our first date on Halloween. Jeremy was dressed up like a beer girl in a dress and I was dressed up like a mobster. I had been dressed up like that all day at work and changed in to the bare minimum of my costume to go out in public for dinner. Jeremy's roommates also dressed up like girls and we all went out in a big group. We ate at Chilli's and then went to a couple of haunted houses after. It was a really fun night.

Tara & Jeremy at his house before dinner on Halloween:

Me dressed up at work earlier that day with some of my co-workers:

Jeremy and I spent our holidays together and had a lot of time to talk about things. And although things were moving a long quickly, somehow it hasn't seemed quick. It's weird how things fall into place when you know it's right. My life has started feeling more calm ...and the funk that I've been in for the last year or so has started to naturally fade and my life feels like it's back to normal.

I Have This Guy!

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