Friday, December 26, 2008

Christmas 2008

Yesterday we had one of the least busy Christmases I've ever had. Usually my Christmas consists of running around all day long starting at 830am when we go over to Grandma's for our famous Christmas breakfast, then over to my Dad's then to my mom's then to my other grandparents and then back to my mom's and then back over to my grandma's for the other grand kids that weren't there earlier to open presents, etc, etc... This is just MY side of the family too. It's crazy when you have divorced parents and when most everyone lives clot to you.

So far, I haven't had to add Jeremy's family into the mix yet because this year we just stayed at home. With a new baby, we didn't want to take him out and risk being held and touched too much; especially during the RSV season. So, we just told everyone if they wanted to see us, they could come over.

We had people trickling over as the day went by and my mom and Jason came over for dinner. We needed help eating all the food that people had brought to us this week, so that was our Christmas dinner. In one day we had a FULL turkey dinner with cheese potatoes, stuffing, corn, rolls and pie along with someone elses roast, potatoes, carrots and cake, along with someone elses mexican casserole and then spaghetti and garlic bread and chilli and corn bread AND chicken noodles soup and croissants. Whoa! Did I mention that it all came with in the same 24 hours. lol It was yummy and we are so thankful to those who were thoughtful and spent time to make us a meal and bring it over... especially over the holidays. I know it meant a lot to us and especially to my mom who wasn't feeling well and couldn't spend that much time around the baby (as not to get him sick).

I think I had a touch of baby blues yesterday too because I was really emotional and didn't seem happy about anything. Luckily I'm feeling better today.

Anyway, I'm a bad mom. I didn't even take pictures of my kids first Christmas. :( I'm going to blame that on the post partum though. Next year will be much more fun. I hope everyone else had a very Merry Christmas!

Monday, December 22, 2008

Pictures of Teagan

Finally... I know many of you have been waiting for me to put these up.

Here is the proud daddy:

So, you can partially see how freaking swollen and 'blubbery' I was right after. I looked awful. Those of you that have had kids can give me sympathy. Those of you that haven't and are in shock, "karma will get you" ha ha (jk). And those of you that look good after birth, well... I hate you. I mostly put this picture up so you could see how much Teagan looks like Jeremy.

All the clothes I have for him are too big. But, I guess he will grow into them. Here is the little reindeer jogger he went home from the hospital in. It was a present from Auntie Amber.

Here he is when we strapped him into his car seat for his first car ride home. He is wearing the cute little beanie I made for him a few months ago. He looked so stinkin' cute in it.

Our nurse wrapped him up after they weighed him one last time (he weighed in at 6 lbs. 9 oz. when we left the hospital) and was holding him up showing all the other nurses how cute he looked. What a cute little burrito. :)

Aunt Sidnee gave Teag and Daddy matching BYU beanie's. I took this pic tonight on my phone. Isn't he the cutest baby ever?!!

Honorary Hospital Visitors: My Grandparents came to see him. This is their FIRST great-grandkid. They were so proud. My grandma got to feed him his first bottle ever. What a special experience.

I had to put this picture up too. Teagan has this little Pop-Eye look he does all the time. It's adorable. 1...2...3...

Thank you to everyone that came to visit us at the hospital and to our home... even in this bad weather. You are dedicated !:) We appreciate all the help and the meals volunteered. We are truly appreciative.

Sunday, December 21, 2008

Tah-Duh! He's Here!!!

Welcome Teagan Amana Green!

Thursday, December 19th
7 lbs. 1 oz.
19 inches

Labor Summary:
*Contractions Began at 2:30am on 12/18/08
*Contractions cont'd through and water broke at home at 3:15am on 12/19/08
*We had the car all packed and over to the hospital by 3:30am -- Found we were dilated to a 3 and effaced 90%
*4:15am - Dilated to a 4, 95% effaced
*By 6am I was hooked up to an epidural and waiting for the big arrival
*By 11am my epidural wore off :( -- and now only dilated to a 5, 95% effaced and concern of a swollen cervix that would no longer dilate meaning I would possibly need an emergency C-section
*1pm Had epidural removed and another one put in (became belligerant with anesthesiologist) -- still only at a 5
*4pm Dilated to a 7. 2 Dr's on call for emergency C-section just in case
*5pm 2nd epidural wore off (drip not working for me either)
*5:15pm Dilated to a 10 and 100% effaced
*5:20pm Worst nightmare come true... They told me to push and no working epidural
*6:50pm Teagan was born into the world

We have finally brought our little guy home. What a crazy couple of days. After 42 hours of labor, 2 epidurals, one supportive daddy and one deliriously exhausted mommy, we have a new baby boy ...and worth every moment of it. We have pictures on so many different cameras that I need to combine them and put more up. I have to admit. I did in deed look like a blubbering train wreck right after I delivered, so I won't be posting any pictures of me. lol But, I'm proud to say that I feel SO much better than I did. After he came out, dad cut the cord, and they whisked him off to weigh him, test him and give him a bath. The nurses brought me food right away since you aren't supposed to eat all day (so you don't puke during birth). Everyone else was gone taking pic's of the baby and I actually fell asleep on my tray of food and woke up to someone calling my phone. It took me a minute to remember where I was.

(was going to put pic's right here, but am having trouble and need to feed teag. will put some up tomorrow)

Before he was even out, the nurse said, "You can see his head. Oh my goodness, he doesn't have very much hair and it's NOT dark!" Everyone kind of stopped and was surprised. Everyone expected him to come out with olive skin and lots of black hair like his mom. Instead, he came out looking exactly like his dad despite my dark features. ha ha

I need to scan a couple of Jeremy's baby pictures in here because they look so much alike. Teagan even has strawberry blonde (red) hair. He is SUCH a cutie! I don't think I'm even biased, it's just a fact. ;) We love him SOOOOO much! I never knew you could love someone so much. He came out happy and healthy with no complications. We take him in tomorrow to make sure he doesn't have jaundice, but other than that, he is perfect! We are soooo blessed. What an emotional and wonderful experience. I got my wish... a Christmas baby (and a tax return) lol.

Well, there is more to write, but it sounds like little Teag is hungry and needs his mom. Will post more soon.

Thursday, December 18, 2008

The contractions have started

Right after I posted the last blog post at 1:30am, contractions started at about 2:30 and have gone on all day today and were about 8 minutes apart until 11 am, but then became spaced out and irregular. So, I feel like we are just waiting to see if things progress any more or if this is a sign that it's just days away.

PS. My home remedy secret is "Thyme" essential oil on the stomach. When I was at ForeverGreen I learned a lot about essential oils therapy and this was one of the things they said you could use to help start contractions. I'm kind of nerdy when it comes to herbal supplements and vitamins. I've learned a lot from the companies I worked for the last 11 years. I have a closet full of something to take for anything. Tell me whats wrong and I'll give you a remedy. :) When Jeremy first married me he was always like, "What witch doctor stuff are you doing to me now?"

No Baby Yet

I had a bunch of phone calls today wondering if the baby is here. And the answer is, "nope". I wish! I feel like a time bomb. Unfortunately, I haven't had too many contractions since my appointment on Monday. :(

If you'd like to be on the mass text that we send out when he arrives, let me know. Either comment (if I have your ph# already) or email me with your # and I'll put it in my phone.

The hospital has wireless internet, so I will probably just put my details up on here when the big day comes. I will make sure Jeremy sends a text and one of us will put something up on the blog if you're not able to make it over to the hospital. Which brings me to the next thing. A lot of you have asked if we will be accepting visitors in the hospital. The answer to that is "Yes"! Even if I'm dead tired, I know that we'll be so excited for everyone to come and share this with us. After hearing the pediatrician's warnings though, I will have to discourage children and anyone that is sick from coming. And, please be patient if I have to feed during your visit times. I've heard that I have to take advantage of any time that he's awake to try and feed. Other than that, everyone is welcome.

Nothing too exciting has happened this week. I've just still been on a crazy nesting phase and can't believe how much stuff I've done. During my 2 nesting phases (my first phase was at 20 weeks), I think our house has had a complete make over and re-organization and cleaning. I don't know where the energy came from either. I think I've had a little help from "Tylenol Extra Strength" to keep me going, but I guess that's all part of the experience. Hopefully my next post will be my exciting announcement.

Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Dr. Appt Update: Week 37

Ok, ok... so I will start addressing my "weeks along" in the same terms my Dr addresses it. I'm officially 37 weeks (done) and have 2 weeks from due date as of this coming Friday. They also scheduled my induction date for January 9th if I don't come by then. If I seriously have to wait that long, I might jump off a bridge. There is no possible way that I can handle it that much longer.

Unlike last weeks appointment, this appointment was "graciously" and gratefully un-eventful. I'm now dilated to a 1 1/2 and still effaced to 50%. The only new knowledge I have is that I am in fact retaining water in my stomach now. What the? My stomach started lopping down farther on one side and started to get hard and numb. I asked the doctor to check it out and see if I should be concerned and he said, "Nope. Your edema has just spread into your stomach now. It's OK. It will go away." (sigh) "Ok doc." I can actually do the indent thing on my stomach like I can on my feet in previous pictures posted.

All I can say is thank you for all my friends and family that pray for me. I really think that is the only reason I don't have toxemia. I can't think of any other explanation.

At any rate, I've been having a lot of contractions and am hoping the baby comes this weekend. That is my goal. Ha ha... The baby needs to get on my time.

Sunday, December 14, 2008

No Christmas Cards

Hey Everyone,
I'm not sending out Christmas Cards this year. I will be sending out New Year's letters and cards instead so that I can include pic's of our new little one. :) If you would like a New Year's letter and I don't have your address already, please click on the "Email Me" link on the right of my blog and email it over to me.

Happy Holidays!

Tuesday, December 09, 2008

All Day Doctor Event

Wow! What a day at the doctor. Be prepared to read all of the dirty details. I wish someone would've told me about all this stuff. I am so naive to the pregnant world. I will apologize in advance to the men reading this that wish they didn't. ha ha

So, we went in for our weekly check up yesterday. This is the check up where they were supposed to do Strep Test and check to see if I'm dilated and effaced. Along with that, they always check my blood pressure and have me do a urine sample to see if I have protein in my urine, meaning that I would be at risk for PreEclampsia (still no sign of it).

While I was giving my urine sample... out came my Mucus Plug. I was kind of freaked out and was glad that I was already at the doctor. You have so many disgusting things going on with your body at this point that you've already lost pride. I went out and asked the nurse if I should be concerned and she just smiled while calmly saying, "Oh... Why it looks like you've just started your Bloody Show." Again, not a phrase you like to hear.

So, Jeremy and I go in to wait for the doctor and he comes in and "checks" me with the nurse and I find that I'm 1/2 cm dilated and 50% Effaced. (PS. Everyone has told me the worst stories about getting checked and how painful it is, so I was NOT looking forward to this visit. But someone gave me good advice and it worked... "Focus on relaxing".)

The doctor proceeds to ask me if I have any questions and I tell him that I've been leaking fluids for a few days. He then tells me that he wishes I'd have told him that before he checked me (he should've asked) because he is now worried about my fluid levels and if I have ruptured membranes; but he can't do the test he would've done on me because of the gel he used to "check" me. I'll now have to wait a few hours for the gel to dissolve to get an accurate reading of the test he wanted to do. He sends me off telling me if I leak anything else that I need to go to the hospital and get checked out. Well, before we can even leave, it happens... more leakage. So, I go back in and he does an ultra sound to check my fluid levels. We find that they are fine (which I wasn't surprised with how much water I'm retaining), but he still wants me to go to the hospital in a few hours to get checked. Right when I get home... "more leakage" and this time with bright red blood. Now I was kind of freaked out because they tell you that bright red blood is not a good sign. I waited it out for my few hours and took a nap while Jeremy went back to work to finish stuff up.

A few hours later Jeremy and I head over to labor and delivery and tell the nurse there what was going on. The nurse has me strip down and put a gown on and hooked me up to monitors and hooked my stomach up to monitors for the baby. She then proceeds to "check" me to see if I'm leaking. It turns out that it's nothing. ??? And the blood? She thinks is just from the doctor checking my dilation right after the mucus plug.

The nurse then notices my enormously swollen feet and says she is worried and wants to take my blood pressure. So, of course I'm nervous and my blood pressure is high. She decides to take my blood and send it to the lab for blood work to see if I have PreEclampsia. Jeremy asked, "So, what if it comes back positive?" and she answers, "Well, if it comes back positive, then we'll just keep you here and induce you." I started to panic and tried not to burst into tears (emotions). I was like, "We aren't ready yet. We still have to pack our hospital bag." While I was in tears, Jeremy got excited and started calling people telling them we could have a baby soon. All we could do was wait for 45 minutes for the lab results to come back. When she came back in, she said, "It's negative." She took my blood pressure again and it was now back to normal. (Duh) So, we were sent home.

What a tiring day. I think we spent almost 5 hours at the doctor's and hospitals today. Needless to say, the hospital bag is now packed and I think I've just started into another Nesting Phase to get a bunch of other stuff done.

I have also been posting that I'm one week ahead of where the doctor says I am. I tell everyone I'm IN week 37 because I'm "starting" week 37, but the doctor doesn't count it until I've completed the week. :( Just thought I'd write that on here. It makes me feel better if I am closer to being done. ha ha

At any rate, I'm hoping that this is a good sign that I will have this baby with in the next couple of weeks. I'm going to guess next weekend; Which would most perfectly be when I wanted to have him anyway.

Thursday, December 04, 2008

Jim Brickman Concert

Jeremy's and I went to the Jim Brickman concert last night in Logan at the Ellen Eccles Theatre. Jim Brickman is my favorite pianist. I love all of his stuff and love his style. This is the 3rd time I have seen him. Jeremy's parents got us tickets as part of an early Christmas present. I was so excited. However, I didn't realize how freakin' far away Logan was. Giddy up for the 2 hour drive there and back. I forget how uncomfortable I get when I sit for that long. Ugh. But, it was still worthwhile.

We did in fact bring our camera, but they wouldn't allow pic's... so, I'm sorry to say we don't have any pics at the actual concert. Here is a picture of me at the FM100 concert in Salt Lake in December of 2006 when Jim Brickman was playing the piano and Collin Raye, country singer, sang. It was awesome. I love music! I love how talented and inspired people are and how it uplifts everyone around them. I don't know if there is anyone in my family that doesn't appreciate music or some aspect of it, and I thank all of you for "culturing" my life in that view. If you look back at my December 2007 posts, there is a short video clip of me playing one of Jim Brickman's pieces on the piano.

Afterwards, we drove over to the Logan temple. This is the first time I've seen it in person and I was in awe of how beautiful it was. It was also so much bigger than I'd pictured. It just became one of my top 3 favorite temples next to Manti and Salt Lake.

Wednesday, December 03, 2008

Rare Pictures

I was going through some of my wedding photos and realized how truly rare this photo is. This is probably the only photo that will ever be taken in my entire life which contains everyone in my family, minus my little brother Brian, who passed away a few years ago.

It was funny... the photographer said, "Now... JUST have your immediate family in the photo" and everyone responded saying, "This IS her immediate family."

This next picture is also rare. It has all of my bestest girlfriends in it. I think we're just missing Lorie who was in Paris or Hong Kong or somewhere like that and Marina, who also had another wedding to go to in her family and couldn't make it. I don't even think they all know eachother because they are scattered all over the US, but loved that they could all make it to my wedding. I love you girls! Thanks for coming.

Tuesday, December 02, 2008


Definition: Kankles (as described in the Urban Dictionary)-
Calves that become feet without taking an ankle break.

*Used in a sentence: "Look, Sue! Al is making a special anklet for your kankles! It's a kanklet!"

WARNING! Images below may be disturbing or contain graphic content. Please be forewarned before looking further.

Yes. This is in fact what my feet and "kankles" look like. Notice the fingr print left in the top of my foot. It is terrible. I swear I used to actually have pretty cute feet. But you'd never know under the blimpie disguise. I told you that my water retention was ridiculous. I pretty much have this everywhere. It is AMAZING to me that my blood pressure is low. Me feet and hands go completely numb every day. If I posted a pic of my head on here, you'd think my head was going numb too. My face and nose are pretty much in the same boat... which is exactly why you do not see a picture of my face right now. :)

Monday, December 01, 2008

Dr. Appt: Week 36... The beginning of the End!

I'm starting in my 9th month. I can't believe how fast this year has gone by. The baby has slightly dropped making it an "interesting" fit for most of my maternity shirts (meaning that some/most of them don't come down far enough). I have muscles in places that are sore that I didn't know I had muscles which also means that it is painful to even lift my leg to get into a car. The water swelling has gotten worse and makes it hard for me to move any of my joints. I have developed pregnancy carpal-tunnell over the last couple of months and can barely close my hands all the way or move my wrists. I've found that you can have pregnancy-anything-disease. :S I asked the Dr if I needed to be concerned about any of these things and just said, "Nope, everything looks good... We want a Happy Baby and a Miserable Mom." Perfect! :)

But, like I said, after seeing that new baby of Jenya's I know I would do it all again. From here on out I start seeing the doctor every week.

The baby now weighs about 6-6.5 lbs and is about 18 inches long and would most likely be healthy with no complications any time from now until the due date which is still January 2nd. Ugh! (But remember, he's still "measuring for Dec 27) And, like I said, we are doing all the natural remedies we can to make this baby come earlier as soon as we are officially "full term" (37 wks). But the doc said that the baby can come at any time now and it won't be considered Pre-Term.