Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Yummy Spring/Summer Salad

When Jeremy's Mom was in Arizona a couple weeks ago, Tina, Jeremy's sister, made this yummy salad and Lona came home and shared it with us.

Baby Spinach Leaves
Strawberries, washed and sliced
Canned Mandarin Oranges, Drained
Sliced, Toasted Almonds
Poppy seed Dressing

Put it all together and you have a yummy salad. Put as much as you want of each in.

Sunday, March 29, 2009

I'm Engaged!

So, as you know, Jeremy and I are getting sealed next month on our 1 year anniversary. Here is how he proposed to me. :)

On Friday went out to dinner, watched movies all night long and then when Jeremy got Teagan dressed in the morning, he brought him out...

His shirt says, "Mommy, Will you marry Daddy?"

I even got another ring. He he

However, I haven't answered him yet. I gotta think about it. ;) I took the ring right away though.

Thanks to Jennie, Jake and Angie for helping Jeremy out.

This is how we do Einstein

This is how Teagy does his Baby Einstein.

...In his Boppy, in front of the TV with a bottle in his mouth.

He didn't make it through the whole video this time.

Friday, March 27, 2009

New Cubbies Sweater

Aunt Tina sent home new Cubbies stuff with Grandma Lona while she was visiting Arizona all last week for spring training. Here he is in his newest Chicago Cubs Sweater. When he gets a little bit bigger he'll be able to fit in the Cubbies stuff from Aunt Holly and Grandma Lona. He is starting a new Cubs wardrobe. :) He is bound to be a grandfathered Cubs fan.

I didn't get him in a good mood, but I know Aunt Tina was excited to see him in his new gear.

"Thanks Aunt Tina for helping me look so cute! ...even when I'm crying."

Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Giant Brothers Wedding Video

Click HERE to see the wedding video trailer that we are in. (Ok, it is only a 'glimpse', but still cool)

I'm married? ...with a kid?

Jeremy and I hung out with some other couples in our ward this last Friday night for a BBQ. There were probably about 30 people there. It occurred to me as I was sitting there that I was totally out of my element. This was the first "married couple with child" activity that I had gone to with other people in the same life situation as my own. I mean, we've gone over to our good friends (married with kids) houses for dinner and vice vs, but never an activity where we get to know other people. Those are what used to be the "single ward activities" for me. It was just kind of an eye opener that I have to learn to be in a new element now.

Also, the other day I was talking to one of my friends and he said, "Isn't it so nice to be married and not worry about all the insecurities you have when you're single?" This brought a LOT of thought and I wanted to write about it here.

...And yes, my single insecurities are gone, you know, like "what am I going to do this weekend?", "Does he like me?", "Do guys think I'm fun?", "Is he going to call me?", "How many friends do I have and hang out with all the time?", "Do I have enough to offer anyone that wants to stay with me?", "Am I skinny or pretty enough", image, image, image, etc. etc. Right? But now there is a whole bunch of brand new insecurities to overcome. Dang! And just when I thought I was doing pretty good.

Some of these insecurities had never even occurred to me before. Well, I guess I didn't have much time to find out what the insecurities of JUST being a married couple with no kid(s) were, but I imagine they still range in the area of "What does your husband do?", "How big is your house?", "How many vacations do you go on every year?", "When are you going to have kids?", "What are your goals?", "Are you done with your schooling?". You know what I'm talking about, right? After you become a mom, you still have those ...plus a lot more of them.

The other day I was watching my favorite show on DVD, Desperate Housewives (which I would've never watched... and didn't, being single). Anyway, this one episode came on where one of the main characters started taking her kids Adderall. Adderall is for kids that have Attention Deficit Disorder(ADD). Although Adderall is a stimulant, it is supposed to have the opposite affect on those that have ADD, therefore making someone that is hyper, calm.

So, for the opposite affect, this character kept taking her kids Adderall for extra energy. One of the other moms told her that she was taking her child's medication and in turn it was how she got all the stuff done that she needed to every day. This main character proceeded to try it out. She felt like she had to keep up with the other moms. She felt like all the other mom's were always involved in all the school activities and sewing costumes for plays, having their kids involved in every sport or dance recital available, and they manage to still wear all the designer clothes and have the most up to date hairstyles and keeping the house immaculately clean with a homemade dinner on the table at 5pm.

It's funny cause in the Mormon world, I think people add the EXTRA pressure of that "Mormon" image. "What calling does your husband have?", "What calling do you have?", "How many meals can I make for people that need it?", "Do I always do my Visiting Teaching and Home Teaching?", "Do I go to all the ward activities?" or better yet, "Does 'so and so' go to all the ward activities?", "So and So's husband is the Bishop or in the Bishopric and I saw them doing 'x' or whatever" and so on and so forth. Everyone watches you that much more and puts a label on you.

I've found that the people that do this (in both cases: mommy/parent world, Mormon world) are actually the most insecure of them all. They don't want to have the attention on themselves and their own insecurities or what they see of their own short-comings. Instead, they either boast of their own triumphs and 'size you up' or they point out the flaws of others.

Don't get me wrong, it is a hard life to live. If you have worked hard to live the way you should and get to where you are, then you should be pretty damn proud of that. I don't think you should put others down for how you got there because everyone has their own trials and are in a different place and move at their own speed. There are in fact pretty high standards set ...sometimes by ourselves and sometimes by others. But, no one is perfect. No one is SuperMan or should I say SuperMom. In a perfect world, more people would be happy for others and where they came from and their accomplishments instead of taking it as a direct blow to their own ego or their own association with them.

People should be happy for other people doing well instead feeling like they are being "sized up". I think one of the main reason people feel this way is because people compare their worst to another's best. Well, no wonder we are all insecure. I'm no saint. I'm guilty of all of the above, but when I bring myself back to reality, it is comforting that everyone else is there too. Everyone you know... and I do mean EVERYONE, has something about them that you would be shocked to know. Everyone has a past or an inside demon(s) they fight with. Even the people that you think live perfect lives or look up to. And maybe I am just speaking for myself, but I don't think so.

Ps. And no, no one has offended me. Somebody's already asked, which I think is kind of funny because it would defeat the whole meaning of my post. That's not why I put this up. It was just me writing and one thought connecting to the next, which started from my first two thoughts at the beginning. :)

Tuesday, March 24, 2009

So sick...

Yesterday I took Teagan to the Dr because he started to cough really bad over the weekend. He ended up having a fever and an ear infection. :( He has had a really runny nose too. The Dr. put him on an antibiotic and it's giving him the runs. Despite how crappy he seems to feel, he has been surprisingly happy. He is always smiling. Even all the nurses and MA's at the Dr office were laughing at him because he'd cough and cough really hard and sneeze and then give a big loud sigh at the end and then smile at everyone. What a cutie! I am keeping him pumped with Tylenol so that it hopefully doesn't get to him too much. I hope he just gets over it. I hate seeing him sick.

He was 3 months old on the 19th. He weighed in at 14lbs 8oz yesterday. He weighed 11 lbs 15 oz just 4 weeks ago. So he is growing fast. He even did his first baby giggle this week. It was the cutest thing I have ever heard! I tried calling Jeremy at work so he could hear it, but I couldn't get him to do it again.

I think that I'm getting sick too and I'm fighting it. I'm determined not to. (sigh) I can't afford to get sick. I don't get sick days anymore like in the corporate world. Keep your fingers crossed.

Baby Einstein Play land

Having Fun!

...Even though I can't touch the ground when I'm in it.

Ok. Somebody get me already! HELP! I hate Baby Einstein!

Baby Bumbo

I love these Baby Bumbo's. Teag is ALWAYS trying to sit up and this allows him to do it all by himself. He loves to sit in it. He is such a big boy. :)

He looks like a goober in this picture... kind of like a spok goober. lol


On Friday Jeremy surprised me with these beautiful tulips. I love tulips! They are my favorite flowers. I love my hubby. He is so good to me and for me. I held out for a good one. ;)

Teag hangin' out at Grandma's

My mom took these pic's of Teag when she was watching him the other day.

Friday, March 20, 2009

The Letter "K"

The letter "K"

Ten things I love that start with the letter "K"

* Kit-Kats
* Kittens
* Kabobs
* Kauai
* Ketchup
* Kermit
* Kites
* Kim Kardashian (2pts) :)
* Khole's
* Kisses and more Kisses

I tag Angie with the letter "L" Jeremy with the letter "M" and Mom with the letter "N"

Wednesday, March 18, 2009

5's Tag

What I was doing 5 years ago:

Searching for and Buying my home
Working at Unicity
Just got back from Europe and was going to Hawaii to swim with the sharks
Hanging out with my friend Teresa every night after long days at work
Living care free with money until I got strapped with a mortgage

5 things on my to do list today:

Go to lunch with Jennie and run some errands
Bring Chicken Noodle soup to my grandma
Go to Maglebys and check things out for our Temple Sealing Dinner
Make phone calls and do research for the best place and price for the dinner
Take care of Teagy and the dogs

5 What I would do with a million dollars:

I would pay off all of my bills
Put money away for emergencies
Put money away for my kids
Put money aside for school (for me and Jeremy)
Go traveling all over the world

5 Places I have lived:

Provo, UT
Orem, UT
Pleasant Grove, UT
Farmington, New Mexico
Pasadena, California

5 Jobs I have had: (I'll put some on here that probably no one even knows)

Kenny Rogers Roasters (when i was 15)
Western Watts (when i was 16, PT)
Waterford Institute (when i was 19, PT)
Service Experts (when i was 19, temp)
Animas Floral (kind of. my parents owned it, so does that count?)

5 Things I want to be doing in 5 years:

Be done having kids
In a bigger house
Done with school
Skinny (That should give me enough time, right? ha ha)
Out of debt with a GOOD financial reserve

5 people I tag:

5 people that want to do it.

Monday, March 16, 2009

Quick Update

I just wanted to give a quick update... This has been a LONG last week.

Jeremy has been slowly but surely getting sicker and sicker. :( I have appreciated my husband more and more and I realize how hard it is to get everything done with him being out of commission. Especially when there is a little baby that you hope and pray doesn't get sick. Jeremy went to the doctor today and found out that he has a bad case of brochitis, a sinus infection, a fever of 102 and bad allergies (which isn't helping). Tonight he started coughing up blood which totally freaked me out and I called our home teachers to come over and give him a blessing. We have the most awesome home teachers and we appreciate them so much. They are so dilligent! Thank you home teachers!

Jeremy also started school again a couple of weeks ago. He started a block class to kind of break himself in again. I'm so proud of him for going back to finish. He has also finally taken advantage of working from home 2 days a week. I LOVE it! I feel like I get so much more stuff done just because he's working. Our little "hidden office" was a perfect space for him to start doing that. So, I'm glad we bought it.

Teag is getting so tall it seems. I haven't measured him, but man he is getting big. I can't believe he is almost 3 months old already and that Jeremy and I are going to have our one year anniversary next month. So much has happened in the last year.

The weather is getting warmer and it makes me excited for spring and summer. I can't wait to take Teag and start hiking again. I LOVE hiking! My Grandpa has been hiking up to the top of Y Mountain (not just to the Y, but to the top of the mountain) for the last million years. This October will be his 200th consecutive month to do so. I need to get back in shape so we can go with him. Yes, you read TWO HUNDRED, not 20. :)

Also, we got our deck all prepped and ready to fire up the BBQ grill (compliments of CA Dad when I moved in as a house warming gift). It has definitely gotten used over the years.

I have some cute pics of Teag that I will post soon, but just wanted to put 'something' up on here. ...and, he started crying so I better go. :) TTFN

Saturday, March 07, 2009

Teagan's First Date

Today was Avery's baby blessing which was held in our clubhouse. Teagan got all spiffed up to go since Avery is his girlfriend.

After the blessing they went on a date to the movies and watch "Finding Nemo" in the clubhouse LuvSac. They stole the show together and everyone had to come in and watch.

The date ended with a bite to eat and when they both told everyone as loud as they could that they were done watching the movie.

And here's our little family.

Our first Gymboree Class

This last Thursday Teagan and I went to Gymboree for the first time. I thought it was kind of dumb, but I had to bring myself down to a baby's mentality, because Teagan LOVED it! ...and that's what matters. You meet up with other mom's and babies for a 45 minute class to sing songs, blow bubbles, play musical instruments, etc. It is supposed to be a stimulation for his stage of development for audio and visual, etc. I found out that he LOVES those little rain sticks that make noise when you tip them from one side to the next. He also had a lot of fun when we blew bubbles and the room was full of them. It was his first time seeing bubbles. Then we had parachute time where we layed him on the ground and held a big, colorful parachute over his head and pulled it up and down over his face. It was so cute watching how excited he got. I probably wouldn't have thought of doing all of this stuff. We are thinking about doing something like this in the future to get us out of the house and socializing with other kids and moms. It will give us something to look forward to in the week. :) I should've taken a picture of him, but felt dumb pulling out my camera in the class and didn't. Now I wish I would have.

Friday, March 06, 2009


My Dad came over today and took some pictures and this one was my favorite one. Isn't he precious?

It died in our living room!

We came into the living room a couple nights ago and we found one of the doggy toys had been murdered. The culprit? Banks! We respectfully put Mr. Tiger and all his innerds in the trash.

Wednesday, March 04, 2009

Temple Date

It's official. My endowment date is Friday, April 24th at the Provo Temple for the 4:40pm session. Let me know if you're coming and I will account for your spot.

Also, we're getting sealed in Manti the following Tuesday, April 28th at 11:00am. We will be meeting up all together afterwards for lunch.

Tuesday, March 03, 2009

More Blessing Day Pictures

I stole these from my mom's blog.

I didn't even have a pic of Teag in his outfit. Isn't it so cute?
The Lister Family:
Jason & Teagan:
My friends Cassidy & Rhett:

A rare picture! Jeremy's Mom & Dad with Teagan. :)

Happy Birthday Samantha!

We celebrated Samma's 11th Bday party at Classic Skating this last Saturday. We had a lot of fun. Teagan was malled (sp?) be all the kids and was exhausted by night time. It was great. :)

They even put Samantha in some box that blew air and money swirled around her body and she had to get this fake money in 1 minute. I still never understood what the significance of the whole thing, but it looked fun and I wanted to do it.

The Finished Storage Space

Ta-Duh! It's done. Yay! We have so much room to store stuff now. We have all of our food storage, holiday stuff, camping stuff, blankets, misc stuff, etc stored down here. AND, we still have room to grow. We spent a lot of time this last week going through things and making numerous trips to DI to clean and get rid of stuff. What a good feeling.

Here is what our garage looks like with the new shelves that hang high above our cars. You can see where we put framed off the storage room because we had such a deep garage. We still fit to vehicles in here with room for bigger cars... still. :)

Here is a pic of the inside of our storage room with our stuff. That rotating can system is our Shelf Reliance storage system we got for a STEAL of a DEAL. If any of you would like a good deal on this, let us know. One of the members of our bishopric is part owner of Shelf Reliance.

You can see we also put a new stand up freezer in here to store meat and other stuff. I feel like such a grown up now. :) Joey also put a door on it, but you can't tell in the picture. I have an extra dead bolt lock that I think we're going to put on the door. Plus Joey added a separate light switch and outlet in here for the freezer. Joey is so talented! I can't wait til he does our closet organizers.

Teagan's 2 Month Appointment

Teag had his 2 month appointment on the 17th of February. He had to get his first round of immunizations. :( Poor little guy. I'm glad they are so fast at giving them, cause he screamed and it made me feel bad. He had no idea they were coming.

He is definitely chunking up as you can see in some of the pic's I've posted recently. He measured in at 50th percentile in all areas (height, weight, head circumfrance, etc) as opposed to 10th percentile at his 2 wk appt. So he has been growing, growing, growing. All he does is eat, eat, eat. He weighed in at 11 lbs 15 oz and was 23 inches long.

He is smiling and coo'ing now all the time and will stick his tongue out at you when you stick yours out at him. It is really cute. He is always thinking and has a "thinking" look on his face, like he's trying to figure everything out. Especially when you do something new, he will just stare at you while thinking. We are going to our first Gymboree class this Thursday. I'm so excited. I've always wanted to be a "class" mommy and do fun things with my kids. Even though he has no idea right now, I hope he looks forward to my activities one day.

Killer Deal! Our Hidden Office

OH MY GOSH! So, I've been looking for a black computer armoire FOREVER and they are hard to find. Well, they are easy to find if you want to pay over $1200 for them. But the other day we were at RC Willey and found a really nice one for $250! Not only that, the guy gave it to us for $200!!! I HAD to get it. I knew I'd never find one like that at that price. I've been so excited about my find all week.

Here it is.

Monday, March 02, 2009

Teagan's Baby Blessing

It was Teagan's big day yesterday. He was officially blessed and given a name: Teagan Amana Green. Jeremy blessed him in our ward. Here is a pic of everyone that stood in the circle, minus Jeremy's brother Tom (we didn't take the pic early enough before he needed to leave) and his cousin Brock (I'm not sure where he is?).

TOP (left to right): Jason Christensen (Jeremy's good friend from growing up), Grandpa Humpherys, Grandpa Grover, Brad Davies (We have adopted Brad and his family as part of our family)
BOTTOM: Joey (Jeremy's good friend from growing up) holding Teagan, Jeremy, my Dad and my Uncle Rich

The Girls
TOP: Nadia (Joey's Fiance), Laura (My good time friend for the last 8-9 years), Ruth (Travis' Girl), Angie (My good friend from when we worked at Waterford together), Evelyn (Brad's wife, my adoptive big sister. Me and Ev worked together at ForeverGreen)
BOTTOM: Jenya holding Teagan (My good long time friend and old roomie), ME, Jennie holding Izzy (Jennie was in my singles ward and is engaged to Jeremy's cousin), Heather holding Maya (Good friend from FG), & Cassidy (with one on the way in July in her belly... my good friend from FG also)

The Boys
TOP: Jason, Mike (Jeremy's good friend and old roomie), Bear (Angies hubby and our good friend), Brock (Jeremy's cousin), Brad
BOTTOM: Joey holding Teagan, Jeremy, Jake (Jeremy's Cousin), Travis (Jeremy's good friend and old roomie) holding Ty, Jason's son

My Family

Jeremy's Family

We had an awesome lunch at the clubhouse right after sacrament meeting and 67 people came! Wow!

We had Cafe Rio Pork, which I got the recipe from Jenya. Jeremy did such an awesome job. He prepared all of the meat and got up at 4am yesterday to get all the last minute things done. He even packed the car up with all the stuff we needed. So, all I had to do is set up with the help of my mom and Jason. Thank you babe for all your hard work.

People keep asking me for the pork recipe, so here it is:

Cafe Rio Pork
3-4 lbs Pork Tenderloin (thawed and/or fresh, not frozen)
1 Bottle of Taco Sauce/ Med (16 oz)
1 Cup Brown Sugar
1 Tbsp Cumin Powder
1 Can of Coke

In crock pot, put pork in water filling water about 3/4 of the way.
Cook on low for 6 hours.
Take out pork and shred.
Mix ingredients together in crockpot.
Mix in pork.
Cook on low for an additional 3 hours.

We served the pork with tortillas, which we got the tortilla dough from Costco and cooked them on the griddle. We made white rice, brown rice and LIME rice. :) Yum! We also had shredded romaine lettuce, cheese, guacamole, sour cream, 6 layer bean dip and Peach Mango salsa. My mom made fruit salad and Jeremy's mom made her famous pasta salad. Another side we had was chips and spinach/artichoke dip.

Here is anothe pork recipe I got from my friend Teresa which is very similar and is just as good.

Pork Picnic Roast
6lbs thawed picnic pork roast (put in slow cooker)

Add water and cover 1/2 of roast
Cook on high for 5 hours (Do NOT remove lid during this time)
Take pork out after 5 hrs and drain water from slow cooker
After you drain water, put roast back in slow cooker

Add 1 Can of Coke
Add 2 Cups of Brown Sugar
Add 16 oz jar of Pace Picante Salsa (Med Spicy)
Cook 3 more hours on High
Shred Pork & Enjoy!

We had just enough food. I was worried we'd run out. The blessing went really good and Jeremy did a fantastic job and the lunch turned out well. Thank you everyone that could make it. It means a lot to us. We are blessed with great friends and family.