Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Bridal Pictures

My Bridals were taken down at an old hotel and cute little cottage home in Springville. Rebekah, our photographer, said that she was going to call the lady at home to ask her if it was OK to take pictures there before we went, but then thought we'd have a better chance if she showed up on her doorstep in my wedding dress. Who is going to turn down a happy bride for pictures? :)

My mom and sister came with me to walk around and hold my dress and flowers. It was cold and windy and it even rained a tad. I was worried we'd have to reschedule after I'd left work early to get my hair done and get ready.

I hate to say this, but I was in a bad mood every time we had to take pictures. I was always soooo stressed about everything that I almost didn't take the time to enjoy the moments I was in. I need to work on that. Eessh!

Sunday, April 13, 2008

Bridal Shower

Well, my mom and some of my friends planned my bridal shower for me. Sadly we didn't get too many pics of anyone else but a million pics of me opening presents ...which I will spare putting all of them up.

However, my mom put a lot of time and stressed about every detail. We had a good turn out. I think there were between 45-50 people that came through out the time. It was an open house since I'm not big into the Bridal Shower games. My mom and dad did a cute video of Jeremy and I that we played in the movie theatre room through out the shower. It was funny... they asked me and Jeremy the same questions about ourselves and each other, but we were answering on the video at different times and days. We were so confident on our answers sometimes and got them completely wrong. I think it was nice to let people watch cause it let all the people that came get to know the other a bit better.

We had the shower at the clubhouse at my complex. It was perfect for it. Thanks to my mom and all of my helping friends, we had PLENTY of good food. I was able to bring it into work and share with the entire company. My mom even took time to make little Eiffel tower molded chocolates in the same colors as my wedding (Orange, Brown and Red). So cute... and perfect! Thanks mom. You did soooooo much for this! And thank you for all my friends that helped out and brought stuff.

Also, one of the highlights at the bridal shower was something my dad put together for it. I know he spent soooooo much time and effort/love. :) He put a game show video of Jeremy and me together. It is about 40 minutes long and is hilarious. He put lots of little sound affects and funny additions to make it fun. Thank you for doing this dad. Love ya!

Here is a snippet of one of my favorite clips.

Wednesday, April 09, 2008

Engagement Pictures

The one thing we loved about our engagement pictures, besides our photographer who was sooooo goood (www.rebekahwestover.com), is that all of our pictures are taken in Pleasant Grove (where we live) around the old Main Street in the city. I love that it's somewhere that has meaning to us both. And although it was tiring to have a photo shoot with the pups, I was grateful that my dad came along to keep them occupied when we didn't need them. Thanks Dad! And, the pic's still turned out great!

Tuesday, April 01, 2008

Hawaii - March 2008

Mama & Papa Bear:

The whole crew:

The Lybrooks:

The Banks:

The Springers:

Ahhhh Hawaii! I could spend many vacations here including the 10 days I spent on this trip. And although this was my third time over to Oahu, I still enjoyed every second of it. It was nice that I'd already done all there was to do there, for the most part, and could just relax and enjoy. In the midst of planning a wedding and our upcoming convention at work, this was SUCH a nice break. I will rarely sit down to read a book, because I feel like there is something else I should be doing, unless I'm on vacation. So, it was really a treat for me. I was able to get a little sun and spend some time with all of the Harmon side which I really don't get to do very often. I was grateful to spend some time with the Lybrooks, Banks and Springers. I got to know everyone a little bit better on a personal level and feel a little bit more a part of everyones lives. There were some good times and memories made including my barf-o-rama incident in the helicopter (ewww... Jeff got it on video. yes, the actual act of me barfing). :)

Top 10 Things I loved most about this trip:

1. Good Times
2. Good Fun
3. Good Conversation
4. Good Laughs
5. Relaxing on the beach and on the floaties in the ocean
6. Eating good food ...and doing so while on the beach :)
7. Polynesian Cultural Center (I can't get enough of the culture and music)
8. Lots of people
9. Kids and more kids
10.Better and closer family relationship ties made