Sunday, September 24, 2006

Jenya (Mayzie's Mom) & Me

Jen just married the love of her life, Preston, last month in Catalina Island. They came back to show all their wedding stuff at an exclusive family dinner. I was lucky enough to be the only "friend" invited. :) I felt special! :D Jen and Pres moved to Vegas while Preston finishes up grad school. I'm just starting to hit reality that she is not really on a vacation and is not coming back any time soon. :( Sad! I miss my little Jen!

...speaking of friends that get married and move away. I miss my little Janerbug too! Janie and Matt just moved to Missouri so Matt could go to law school. They've been married now for a few years and have 3 kids! Man, I'm gettin' behind. I'm glad Janie still calls me in the mornings while I'm getting ready for work so we can keep up on one another. Love ya Jane!

Jen and Jane are those friends that you can go over to their house like it's your own and just walk right in and get in their fridge if you wanted to. They're the friends that you can talk to a year later like it was yesterday. I was sad when the "family" friends moved away. ...Just like dating, you've gotta look at it like, "Well, On to the next!" KIDDING-- cause I know you're reading this. hee hee Nat-B said that he'd fill in for them, but from the words of Nate, I'm apparently a pretty high maintenance friend being a girl and all. LOL. I've opened up an entire new world for Nat. The world of Tara! It's been funny to be opened up to the world of Nate as well. We've decided that our lives are like a constant Seinfeld episode. It's true!

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