Sunday, September 24, 2006

Party ALL night long!
Angies Birthday Bash... One of the funnest nights ever!

We started the night off with a little bit of TGIFriday's (Which by the way I ran into one of the girls Adam cheated on me with for 8 months as I was walking into the bathroom there. We didn't recognize eachother right off, but when we did we just kept walkin'.)

Anyway... then we went to the Nickelcade because it's Ange's tradition to go there every year. So I got $5 of nickels which didn't even come close to being used up. There was this game kind of like Dance Revolution but it uses your hands with light sensors instead. Kind of hard to explain, but it was fun. Wish I had one at home. lol jk. They even have video of us paling it. I wish I could add video to my blog.

We played all the old school games like Ski Ball, Air Hockey, Mortal Kombat, Mrs Pacman, Dr Mario, Bubble Bobble, Dig Dug... It reminds me of when I was litlle and used to go with my dad to Fryer Tucks in Provo, where the Flower Patch is now. When I would visit my dad in the summer I always wanted him to take me to Fryer Tucks for scones and to play Mrs Pacman. I'm the queen at that game. I even own it on my own Nintendo 64. :) hee hee

So back to the story here... At midnight we finally left Nickelcade to go to Angies house and we did karaoke til 4 am. It was fun stuff! Out of control... the dancing, the singing. It was me, Ange, Laura, Alexis and Party Dave. Bear and his brother went to bed. They didn't care too much to let loose in front of all of us.

Then I got up early to go to an eye appointment in the morning. My left eye had been bothering me for about a week. It's been sensitive to the light and swells up red at times and starts watering really heavily. When the doctor looked at it he said I had a scratch in my cornea and am lucky that it hasn't turned into an ulcer in my eye. Yikes! He reprimanded me for not coming in sooner but said that it miraculously looks like it's healing on its own. I have to go back this week to have it looked at again. I was sure that it was a result of my never taking my contacts out... ever. I was positive he'd tell me my eyes were going to fall out of my head because of it. I was glad that I just have to wear my glasses for a week and then I'm good to go with my contacts again.

PS. I have some good pic's from Angie's Bday. Keep a watch out for them in future postings. :)

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