Sunday, May 20, 2007

My House
I haven't taken very many pictures of my house and thought that I would just for memories to look back on or show people later on. It's not pictures of everything in my house, just the main rooms. Also, you'll have to check out the new stone wall & archway that my uncle just did in my house for me. It is awesome! There are pictures below.
I actually don't like this next picture very much, so maybe I'll have to try to take a better one later. But this is the front of my house and my garage.

Here is what it looks like directly across from my balcony.

Here's a picture looking to the left of my balcony.

Here's the view from looking to the right off of my balcony.

Here is my balcony. It is cozy with a BBQ'r and table to sit at. My new project this summer is to put lots of plants and trees out here with a little garden to grow tomatoes and herbs for cooking. I think I'm going to ask my grandparents to help me with that.

This picture is kind of dark, but is of my dining room, looking off to my balcony and my living room on the right. Little Franklin is so cute! :)

Here is my new stone archway in the kitchen.

Here is my new stone wall. This is what you see when you look up the stairs from my front door.

Here is a picture of my stone wall, looking into the dining room.

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Anonymous said...

Your house looks super cute. But if I were you I would delete the pictures of the outside. You don't want some psycho knowing exactly where you live.