Thursday, July 17, 2008

It's a Boy!!!

We are sooooooooooooooooooo excited! Today we went to a women's clinic in Provo to find out what we are having. It seems like it's been FOREVER for this day to come. We've both been on the countdown. My Dr wont even do the 'sex' ultrasound until I'm 21 weeks, but we found a clinic to go to that does the ultrasound at 16 weeks instead. We don't even have to be patients there. We just pay $50 and we're in!

As I mentioned in previous posts... I was SOOOOOOOOO sure it was a GIRL. I even showed up in my appointment wearing a pink shirt, ready to go to work and announce the big news of "pink". Our little guy was being shy and was laying on his side. The nurse had to keep bouncing the ultrasound thing on my belly to get him to move around. But he was stubborn (like his mom). Finally after about 15 minutes she said, "Oh... it's a BOY!" I sat up with a confused look and said, "Huh? It's a girl though. Can you check again?" So, she checked again and showed us his little bum, that we could see perfectly with a little arrow that said, "BOY" in the middle. :) Jeremy stood up with excitement and threw his hands and arms in the air while smiling. She took a few pictures for us to take home. (I still need to scan these pictures in and put them up) We got the cutest little picture of his profile. You can see where his eyes, nose and mouth are. It is so amazing to see!

I noticed our baby already has a cone head and he hasn't even come out yet. I happened to see a picture of Jeremy when he was a baby and YEP, you guessed it... cone head. :) lol So, I tease him now that he's already given our baby a conehead. ha haaa. I guess we will love him anyway. jk

We also FINALLY got to hear the heart beat today. That was when I got a little choked up. I am just still in amazement that this little person is about to be a part of our lives... a little walking and talking person with a personality and all. I can't wait to see his little face and hold him. I can't believe how much I already love this little guy and haven't even seen him yet. Life is simply amazing!

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