Monday, August 25, 2008

Happy Birthday Jeremy!

Today was Jeremy's 32nd Birthday! Whoa! :) We went out to a good ol' fashioned MickeeDee's breakfast before he had to go to work and then out to lunch at his favorite little Mexican restaurant in Orem, Maria Bonitas. Then I dropped him off at work again and came back with birthday balloons a birthday bag of his favorite goodies and another bag of ice cream sandwiches for him and his team.

Jeremy was able to get out of football practice tonight so that we could celebrate. We went over to my mom's and Jeremy got a cute new North Face hoody that I can hopefully wear when I'm not prego (ha ha) and Jason made him glasses out of money. Fun!

We're celebrating his bday with his family this next Sunday over at his brother Shane's house for Jeremy's favorite, Banana Cream Pie and ice cream.

Jeremy and I met up with some of Jeremy's best friends at McGrath's Fish House for dinner. Why there? Just because of that fun fish hat that they make you where. :)Thanks for the tip Joey!

Jason & Melinda and their oldest, Cooper. What a cute kid... and so well behaved. :) I hope that I'm as successful as a parent. Jason and Melinda are also in our ward and have been long time friends of Jeremy.

Joey & Jeremy with Jason and Melinda's newest edition, Ty. We are so excited for our little guy to come, and Ty made us so much more excited to have a baby. He is so cute and such a good little baby.

Joey & Nadia. I wish I'd have taken a picture of them looking all hard core on Joey's new motorcycle. They look hot! Joey baptized Nadia recently and they are engaged to get married at the beginning of next year. I can't wait! Also, Joey's sister, Audrey, is the one that did the florals for our wedding.

Travis & Mike: Old roomies of Jeremy's and also good friends. Mike, tell Alicia we missed her. :)

Group Picture:

We finished the night off by going to the movie: House Bunny (Girls choice of course). They guys weren't to excited to see it, but it was funny. What I didn't like about the movie is that I felt like it projected that women can get anything in life if they are hot, even though the moral of the story was to be accepting of everyone. It was kind of skewed. Jeremy feels more dumb from watching it. :)

Hope you had a good bday! xoxo

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Mel said...

We had fun at dinner last night. I love your blog, I think you are great.