Monday, October 13, 2008

Day of the Baby Shower

What a great day! I have never been so excited for any party (including my Bridal Shower) than I have been for the Baby Shower. It's because this is all so new for me and it's stuff I have never ventured to purchase before, so I don't have anything yet. I couldn't wait to see what I got and put it all in the baby's room. It has been KILLING me not to get anything yet and to be patient for the shower. lol Those of you who know me understand this about me. :)

I must also give a HUGE THANK YOU to my mom, Angie, Evelyn (and her 2 girls: Courtney & Maree), Jenya, Amanda and Lona for organizing, planning, buying, preparing food, decorating, etc. etc. I know how much work it is and truly appreciate it. Also a BIG THANK YOU to my dad for scanning tons of pictures of Jeremy and I and making a Baby Shower DVD in 48 hrs to show in the theatre room at the club house. It was a big hit and I appreciate the time you spent putting it all together at the last second.

AND, thank you for all that came, I was actually humbled by how many of you came. We were blessed with sooo much stuff and couldn't believe everyone's generosity. We had almost 50 people attend. I have seriously been blessed with really awesome friends that will be my friends for life, and am so grateful for each of you and the friendship you've given me over the years. I truly look up to all of you and couldn't have chosen better people to cross paths with.

Now for the fun stuff... :D
Here are the cute party favors we gave out. It says, "Thank You for celebrating Tara's Bun in the Oven". Aren't they the cutest? Angie, Jenya and I stayed up making them the night before and putting frosting in little fry sauce cups.

Here are the cutest cupcakes with little turtles that Angie ordered online. They were a hit with the kids. All the kids wanted to collect them.

See those orange pumpkins in the corner? They are SOUP BOWLS! My friend Amanda's husband is a baker and he made pumpking soup bowls for the potato white cheddar soup we served. Evvy brought all the yummy toppings and Angie brought some fresh cut chives out of her garden. Yum!

Evvy and Courtney slaving away in the kitchen.

Sadly we didn't take too many pic's of people there. :( But, I hope you get the jist of it. We had a movie playing in the theatre room of our engagement & bridal pics, wedding videos, growing up pics of Jeremy & I and our maternity pics. We had raffles and gave away Mary Kay make-up and yummy lotions and everyone wrote on diapers with their kid advice that Jeremy and I can read while we change our baby's bum. :) ha haa There was lots of good food including Lona's famous pasta salads, my fav!!

Presents, Presents and more Presents

The Baby's Room with our new presents in it:

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man you guys are all set! and the room totally is adorable :)