Monday, December 01, 2008

Dr. Appt: Week 36... The beginning of the End!

I'm starting in my 9th month. I can't believe how fast this year has gone by. The baby has slightly dropped making it an "interesting" fit for most of my maternity shirts (meaning that some/most of them don't come down far enough). I have muscles in places that are sore that I didn't know I had muscles which also means that it is painful to even lift my leg to get into a car. The water swelling has gotten worse and makes it hard for me to move any of my joints. I have developed pregnancy carpal-tunnell over the last couple of months and can barely close my hands all the way or move my wrists. I've found that you can have pregnancy-anything-disease. :S I asked the Dr if I needed to be concerned about any of these things and just said, "Nope, everything looks good... We want a Happy Baby and a Miserable Mom." Perfect! :)

But, like I said, after seeing that new baby of Jenya's I know I would do it all again. From here on out I start seeing the doctor every week.

The baby now weighs about 6-6.5 lbs and is about 18 inches long and would most likely be healthy with no complications any time from now until the due date which is still January 2nd. Ugh! (But remember, he's still "measuring for Dec 27) And, like I said, we are doing all the natural remedies we can to make this baby come earlier as soon as we are officially "full term" (37 wks). But the doc said that the baby can come at any time now and it won't be considered Pre-Term.


The Lybrook Family... said...

I can't believe how fast it wen also. I feel so bad for you but just know you will get the best gift this christmas! Nothing is better than holding your new baby in your arms for the first time, there is nothing like it!

The Springers said...

I cant wait to see him! I cant believe its already that time..

Shanda said...

Yay so exciting! I cant wait!

RhettandCass said...

I cant believe you are due so soon!!! WOW! where did the months go? I remember when you first told me you were gonna have a baby and you couldnt go anywhere near the dishes in the FG kitchen or you would gag! haha!! I'm so happy for you. I want to come and see him and hold him, its making me so excited for my own :)