Thursday, February 26, 2009

RIP Carrot or Waffle?

I heard some sad news when I was in Cali.

So, a couple years ago I had the crazy idea to get a bunny thinking that it would be a lot easier and less responsibilty than a dog. I really wanted a dog, but didn't think I had time for one. Instead, I went down to the pet store one day and bought a stupid bunny. He was so cute. It was a little baby dwarf bunny and was orange. I named him 'Carrot'. I bought a 3 story cage for him on wheels, a carrying case, a leash to take him on walks, the whole shebang. At the time I was dating this guy who decided that Carrot needed a friend, so he got me another bunny that was white with brown spots. We named him 'Waffle'. So, here I am with two bunnies, Carrot and Waffle; and don't worry... I made sure they were both BOYS so that we wouldn't end up with 5000 more bunnies (which would've happened after watching how many times they tried). I soon found that these bunnies were disgusting! They were NOT cuddly AT ALL. They had long, sharp nails and they never wanted to be held. They thought my carpet was grass and ate it, pulling it up one strand at a time. Despite all of the wood toys I bought them to chew on, they preferred eating the molding on my walls and chipping away at the corners. They also liked to dig and managed to dig a hole in my carpet (it may have been from the grass plucking though too). AND, to top it all off, these stupid bunnies, being the BOY bunnies that they were, they decided to stand up on their hind legs in their cage and pee all over the place. It would end up on my walls and somehow managed to shoot 5 feet away from the cage. WTF? I never could catch them doing it, but it happened constantly. I mopped and cleaned the walls at least 5-7 times a day. It was ridiculous! I put a sheet over their cage, but then the sheet would just smell like pee and then the whole house would smell like pee. (sigh)

Needless to say, the bunnies didn't last long. I even ended up getting Franklin before I got rid of them. I didn't know what to do with them and we couldn't give them back to the pet store. I sure didn't have the heart to just drive off somewhere and leave them. So, I gave them to Mary's parents who live in Provo and have lots of bunnies and bunny cages for them to live in outside. I was so thankful they went to someone that cared for them and about them. :)
*As a side note: You know how bunnies have little pellet poops? Well they would always kick it up out of the cage and I was constantly sweeping. I remember Franklin thought they were treats and him and I would both RACE our fastest to see who could get their first. I have to admit that I didn't always win and he ended up eating them. Gross, I know.

Anyway, to get to my point, I found out that one of them was eaten by a dog! :( Poor, poor Carrot or Waffle (Mary wasn't sure which one got eaten). Even though I didn't want either of those bunnies, I keep imaging one of them squirming away from jaws of a ferocious dog and making their ugly little bunny noises.

One day when my kids want a bunny? You can guess what I will tell them. I will make this story even worse than it is and my kids will be having nightmares about dogs eating bunnies.


Carrot & Waffle:



Tammy said...

aww, so sad! we used to have wild bunnies around our house when I was a kid and our cats were always bringing half dead, half alive bunnies to us. Then we would try to save them and cry when they finally died. :( So sad. Bunnies are dirty though.

We Got Eggs said...

Do you remember watching bugs bunny and elmer fudd? Elmer Fudd use to sing a song and it would go like this... kill da wabbit, kill da wabbit kill da wabbit.