Friday, March 27, 2009

New Cubbies Sweater

Aunt Tina sent home new Cubbies stuff with Grandma Lona while she was visiting Arizona all last week for spring training. Here he is in his newest Chicago Cubs Sweater. When he gets a little bit bigger he'll be able to fit in the Cubbies stuff from Aunt Holly and Grandma Lona. He is starting a new Cubs wardrobe. :) He is bound to be a grandfathered Cubs fan.

I didn't get him in a good mood, but I know Aunt Tina was excited to see him in his new gear.

"Thanks Aunt Tina for helping me look so cute! ...even when I'm crying."

1 comment:

Mrs. Green said...

OK. Jeremy informed me that this wasn't a Cubs sweater. Which I guess I should've gotten from the fact that it's not Chicago Cubs colors or anything. But I'm sports retarded ok?