Tuesday, April 28, 2009

1 year Anniversary

Can you believe it? We've been married a whole year already! It has flown by. We had a pretty low key day and went to the Marriott in Provo last night to stay in one of their suites. It was the only place that was nice, well priced AND allowed us to bring Teag. I know... not ideal, but we don't think he's ready to stay by himself with anyone over night yet. (I don't think we're ready either.) At any rate, we had a fun night and then we hung out with Brad and Evelyn the next day and went to this amazing little Italian restaurant in Provo for lunch. I think it's called Gloria's Italian Restaurant or something. It's right across the street from Los Hermanos on University Ave. We drove up to Thanksgiving Point to go to the Tulip Festival and then decided that we didn't want to or need to spend another $20 and decided to go home. We were going to go to the temple, but didn't have anyone to watch Teagy, so we stayed at home and watched movies.

...and THEN, I remembered that my mom saved our wedding cake for our 1 yr anniversary. So we went over there and ate it. Hmmm... It was questionable, but we both gulped down a bite.

Here's what the top looks like now.

And what it looked like then. You can see that we ate the 2nd to top tier.

Ok. So we didn't eat the grooms cake for our anniversary, but I thought I'd put a pic of it on here too.

It has been a good year... no, a fantastic year. I love my husband and love my little boy. They are both the loves of my life and give my life meaning in every aspect. I love you guys! To many more years!

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