Friday, April 10, 2009

Happy Easter Cluck-Cluck

The Easter Bunny (Papa) already came to our house. And luckily I bought this cute chicken outfit from Babies-R-Us when it was on sale last year. It worked out perfect! Teagan didn't like me putting it on him though. It was a bit of a battle.

What a cute little Clucker! (Jeremy laughed when I put 'clucker' and it's not supposed to sound like what you think. Guys know how to ruin something cute.)



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Tomorrow we are going on an Easter Egg Hunt with our neighborhood. It will be so much fun!


The Lybrook Family... said...

Oh yeah, he looks so thrilled Tara! I love the last phot, i can only imagine what he is thinking "Geez, Mom what the hec are you doing to me?" Such a cutie!

RhettandCass said...

i have to admit, i laughed at clucker too! LOL!! but he looks so stinkin cute! we need to get together soon :) Hope you guys have a great Easter. Love ya lots! Give baby Teag kisses from me. xoxoxo

TerryMaryHarmon said...

This poor kid is looking to hold this "Mean photo" against you forever! But it is dang cute!! Love him!

Shanda said...

How adorable!! Can he get any cuter?

The Springers said...

He is one cute cluck-cluck!

John. Shiloam. Skyler. Casey. Courtney said...

I see it now...therapy in ten years or so. "And she dressed me as a chick! My life is ruined!" Great pics though. This should be saved for his high school year book graduation picture and have it read, "Our great chick magnet..."