Tuesday, April 07, 2009

Shutterfly Photo Site

Ok, so I have had my shutterfly account for almost 5 years and make photo books and photo albums on it that you can order. I signed up for their free photoshare website so that I could put my photobooks on there when I want to share them.

Green's Photo Site

It is pretty cool! Plus you can make a book and have it sent to you for pretty cheap. I'm finding that the more stuff I can do online and not leave the house with a baby is a plus! So, I've also gotten plain ol' 4x6 prints and had them mailed to me.

Playing with Picasa has also been fun too. You can edit your photos first or make collages and then directly link in to Shutterfly and upload them for order. You can waste hours on these things. It is really fun. Plus it's FREE FREE FREE!

PS. I posted the link on our right side bar so that you can go to it whenever you want or save http://greeneronourside.shutterfly.com into your favorites.

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