Sunday, April 26, 2009

SuperCross, SLC 2009

This weekend we went to the Salt Lake SuperCross. It was the second to last race of the season and always ends in Vegas the first Saturday in May. I have been going to the Vegas one every year because they haven't had it in SLC for over 5 years and then Governor Huntsman decided to bring it back. They said that they are going to have it here next year too, so I better get tickets. This was the first time that I'd gone to another race besides the last race of the season. I think I thought it was going to be just as big and decked out... at any rate, it was still way fun. I was going in the rain or shine, cold or heat! We ended up wearing rain pants to make it a little easier to tough it out in the wet weather.

I'm too lazy to write about the whole race, but it was such a good one! Click HERE to read about it.

Here's a picture of my #1, Chad Reed. I know, you can hardly see the little blurred image in the corner, but it's him. We sat next to some lady that was drunk and was rooting for Chad's rival, Bubba. Every time I started screaming for Reed, she'd lean over Jeremy and put her hand in my face. It was funny the first 2 times she did it, but then after 4 hours of it, it was really starting to make me mad. Jeremy and I kept looking at eachother wondering which one of us was going to say something first. But, we just stuck it out.

Here's Bubba coming around right after Reed. It was an awesome race with a bad ending! And because I don't feel like retyping it, you can go HERE and read about it.
Me and Jer.
Opening ceremonies. Fire warmed up the entire stadium and ended in the sky with this ring of smoke.We had so many friends here, but none of us got tickets together. Our friends Brad and Ev took this picture to see if they could find where we were sitting from where they were sitting. They kept zooming in on us...closer... and closer...

and closer... until they found us. you can tell that we have no clue they're taking pics of us.

Here is the Davies family. Some of our best buds! Brad and Ev are our adopted brother and sister and their kids are our neices and nephews. We hang out with them all the time. PS. Good news! Ev is a convert and has just decided to go through the temple with in the next month. Woo hoo! This is a HUGE step!

I had a picture of me standing in front of Bubba's trailer with the big #7, but I couldn't bring myself to put it up here. I dont have one in front of Reed's trailer, so I'd be a bad fan if I did. :)

GO Chad!

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