Thursday, May 07, 2009

Freebie Blogger

Save this to your favorites. It is the coolest blog. Plus for you married people with kids, it is fun to plan stuff around the free stuff. :) We have it saved to our favorites and check it daily.

Whenever anyone is giving out free stuff, it will be on this blog. Like the free KFC meals they advertised on Oprah or the free pasta bowls they were giving out at Dominoes. They also have grocery coupons that are awesome. Until I got married, I never clipped coupons or compared prices or looked for the deals. Now I think it's just plain dumb not to. Why not save money on stuff if you can?
Click HERE to enter Freebie Blogger site.

Here are a couple of other sites that I've come across too:
Click HERE to enter 5 Dollar Dinners site.
Click HERE to enter Frugal Girls site.

Do any of you have good sites I should look at?


The Lybrook Family... said...

Tip Its awesome. There are so many neat crafty, creative stuff on there.

Harris Family said...

I love your blog- so cute- did you make your template??!! Love it. Good to see you too. I am glad that I can check out your blog now and be more caught up on your life. Your fam is so beautiful.

love ape