Sunday, June 14, 2009

Bit Blogged Out

Well, if you're reading this then you have found that I have gone private now. I just don't know how much I like my biz being out there for just anyone to read, so I decided to see how the private blogging bit goes. :)

So, I'm feeling a bit blogged out lately and haven't been up to doing it. I have a lot to blog about though and want to up date it (hopefully soon). We are going to be very busy in the coming month. I feel like it never stops for us. Jeremy said the other day that he keeps waiting for things to slow down but realizes that it will never happen as long as he married to me. ha ha (which is now officially "forever")!!! A time line of all the events that have happened since we met to give you an idea:

Aug 2007: Don't even know Jeremy
Sept 2007: Meet him but don't like him
Oct 2007: Go out on our first date
Dec 2007: Dating seriously and then engaged
{working/convention, planning a wedding, bridal shower, engagement/bridal pictures, meeting with vendors, planning and stressing!!! Jeremy has surgery on both knees, vacation and everything in between}
April 2008: Married & Pregnant
{Baby Shower, Shopping, Planning, No more working, Combining finances/housing/"STUFF", spring cleaning for a year}
Dec 2008: Baby Teagan Born
{New life, new everything and no sleep}
Mar 2009: Baby Blessing
April 2009: My Endowment
June 2009: Temple Sealing

...then I think every one of our friends have either gone through the temple or gotten married or about to get married since April or are pregnant (more bridal & baby showers)

We are traveling to Idaho in a couple weeks and then a few days after we get home are off to Bear Lake for the 4th of July for the whole week with the fam.

Oh and I started a business and am just waiting to get my business license in the mail. (more to come on that when more of it is in place)

AND, the big kicker that came out of no where is that we have felt really good about looking for a new home and started the search, have already found "the one" and are now putting our house up for sale this week. But, with the way the economy is, who knows what will happen. We are just trying to do our part and leaving up what is supposed to be, up to the Lord. So, we'll see...


Shovalicious said...

Wow, you do have lots going on! I know exactly how it is though! You're strong you can handle anything! So you need to post a link or a picture of "the one" house your thinking about buying - exciting times! Oh, and what business are you going in to?

Miss you and our 9 a.m. cravings for lunch;)

Allison said...

Wow! You have had an eventful couple of years. I'm so glad that all of it is a wonderful-busy and not the other way around. :)

AmbertheGreat said...

Wowzers - busy lady, we still need to plan a trip to the zoo, or at least the park or something :) you are still my favorite twinkie :)

janie said...

What business? I miss you! I never know what is going on in your life. We should not be those kind of friends you have to read their blogs to know what is going on in their lives. You are family! So we need to act like it. I should never have moved! :( I miss you goobs and gaubs

The Lybrook Family... said...

You can bet it doesnt get any less busier as life goes on and kids get older! You're moving? I love your place. Well, I hope it all works out for you guys. It so stressful, trust me I am spack dab in the middle of it right now. I thought I was going to lose it last week. We will get the appraisal on our house tomorrow, so I am keeping my fingers crossed:)
Hope you guys have a fun time camping at Bear Lake. Its so beautiful up there, take lots of pictures. Happy 4th of July! xoxo Holly