Sunday, July 19, 2009

2 Trips in 2 Weeks

So we packed in a fun filled summer in 2 weeks. We told Grandma Vanda we'd come and visit her in Twin Falls, ID and decided to take little Ashy along with us to visit too. Ashy was so good the whole trip and was very helpful with Teagan. It was Teagy's first road trip and of course he was teething with his first little tooth which came through while we were there. So, it was a little harder with the teething. He also learned to roll over during this trip, so we had some major milestones during the trip.

We got to go see the Twin Falls while we were there. OMG! They were beautiful! The pictures don't do them justice of the grandeur we saw. We were getting soaking wet from all the water that was in the air. Here are a couple of pic's we took at the look out.

Then with in a couple days of us getting back from Twin Falls, we were on our long awaited trip to Bear Lake for the 4th of July. We had been planning this trip for a year. It was nice to be able to invite our family and friends up to stay with us. Unfortunately we didn't take very many pictures. Thank you to Joey and Nadia for the couple of snap shots they took on their phone.

We got to stay in our time share and it was freaking AWESOME! This was our first time to use it, so we weren't sure what to expect, but we reserved the 3 bedroom/2 bathroom Pent House Suite and it was bigger than our house. It was almost 2000 square feet with fireplace, full kitchen, full furnished with all amenities including cooking/eating utensils, washer/dryer, BBQ'r, you name it. It had a balcony that had a great view of the lake and lots of room for everyone's stuff.

Teagy took his first boat ride. We also found that he gets very sea sick like his mom. He had a blank stare the way I do when I feel motion sick. To say the least, mom and Teagy didn't stay long on the boat with everyone.

The boat ride was very eventful. Jeremy broke boat propellers and had to get the fixed. And everyone else got to ride on water weenies and knee boards. Then on another day we got jet ski's to race around on. After our bad boat experience though, I don't think that we will ever get one again.

We went on a family trip in these little self propelled bike carts (i can't remember what they are really called). It was funny! Each family (The Green's, The Humpherys' and The Calls) had their little cart and we pedaled hard ... all the way to get Bear Lakes famous raspberry ice cream. ha ha Teagy got to ride in the front basket. I couldn't stop laughing. PS. Yes, I know I look terrible.

(I'm not sure why I don't know where any of the other pictures are... these are the only one's I could find from both of the trips. Sad.)

It was fun to hang out at the lake with friends for the last part. The Humpherys family including the grandparents came up for the first part of the week and then Nate stopped by because he happened to be up there at his family's cabin and Angie & Bear and Joey & Nadia came up to chill and eat food and stay a few nights with us. We had soooo much food! I made lots of casseroles to bring up. I wish I would've taken a picture of how packed everyone's car was. I planned on feeding an army for a week so I can't explain to you how much food I made and how many drinks and snacks we brought with us; not to mention the games and entertainment we packed along. At any rate, we had a really great experience and hope to make it a tradition. I think everyone had a good time too!

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