Sunday, July 19, 2009

7 Months Old & 2 New Toothies

Great Grandma Marsha took the pictures below at Erika & Matt's Bridal Shower. I was so glad she did because we didn't take the time out to take very many pic's of Teagy this month.
Some cute chubby, diaper pics of Teagy crawling around and banging on the gate that goes down to the stairs.

Cute little chunker-meister! I was trying to take the following pic's to show you his 2 newest teeth on the bottom. The flash must've been really weird because all the pictures are really blurry. But at least you can still see those 2 toothies coming in.

My in-laws already have fun toys for Teagan to ride when he gets a little bigger.

I just can't get over how big of a kid Teag is. Little did I know 7 months ago that he'd be almost the same size he is right now at 14 months.
I sure love this little kid!

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