Thursday, October 08, 2009

Italian Masquerade

So, I know I haven't posted in forever. But I had to just do a short post and put this up. My good friend Angie had her big 3-0 birthday and she had an Italian Masquerade over at the Tuscan Villas in Orem. It was awesome! We got together a week earlier of her party and made our own masks. Yes, I made both mine and Jeremy's mask. I should take some close ups of them and post them. Anyway, Angie's friend Bethany, who is also a photographer, did a photo shoot with everyone that wanted their picture taken. She just sent our pictures to us. They look great! This one was my fav.

Thanks for the fun Ange! Now I've got to come up with something cool for my next big 3-0... not to mention, it's my GOLDEN Birthday too!


The Lybrook Family... said...

Wow! That is such a fun idea! Nice costumes:)

AmbertheGreat said...

I am so jealous, that looks like so much fu, I have always wanted to get dressed up and do something like that! I can't believe your 30th bday is coming up, man you are old :) We ly need to get together

Gomez Trio said...

That picture is awesome! Looks and sounds like a fun party!