Tuesday, September 29, 2009

The Diabetes Walk to the Zoo

So for a long time I have gone on the Diabetes walk every year at the Hogle Zoo. It started when I worked at Unicity and then I just carried on the tradition to continue going. This year my mom and Jason went with us. We were so excited to bring Teagy because the walk ends at the Hogle Zoo and we thought he'd like to see all the animals. Unfortunately he was so worn out by the time we got to the zoo that he didn't enjoy it much. He just got very grumpy. At one point we were looking at the cutest baby elephant I'd ever seen and trying to show Teagan, but he just kept pointing at the ceiling fan on the ceiling we were standing under and saying, "What's That?!" ha ha... oh well. Maybe next time.

Again, I think this is the only picture I have from this trip. My mom has more. Im just not too hot at taking pic's lately.

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