Sunday, December 20, 2009

Happy 1st Birthday Teagan!

So, I knew that Teagan's birthday would be a little crowded with only having family there, but I chose to have it in our home anyway instead of renting out the clubhouse like usual. And I think I underestimated exactly how crowded it would be. We counted over 40 people in our little condo at one time. There was no where to sit and we had people standing in every area of our home. Needless to say, the party was very overwhelming for Teagan and he cried a good portion of it until people started clearing out. He didn't like having all eyes on him. I felt really bad. It may be a sign that he is not as much of a people person as his mom and dad are. My grandma Pat said to me at one point, "You shouldn't have invited all your friends..." and I replied, "We didn't. This is ALLLLL family!" We are very blessed to have so much family that are close by and care to be a part of little Teagy's birthday.

I'm sad that we don't have pictures of all the people that came, but it just got too hectic running around hosting that we didn't have time to take pictures. Thank you to our moms that came over to help set everything up bring food and to Grandpa's that cooked all the food.

We had a big BBQ with burgers and hot dogs, chips, dip, drinks and treats. Lona made her famous pasta salad and my mom got those yummy costco cupcakes and put toy cars on the tops of all of them. Too bad we don't have a picture of those either. They looked really cute. We had those big blow up balloons that you hit (don't know what they're called) for all the kids that came and a cute little card that I made with my cricut for everyone to sign in with their favorite memory of Teagy and his first year. One of my favorites and most frequent memory in the book is how his Uncle Shane terrifies him and makes him cry every time he is around. Luckily now that Teagy is almost 15 months, he is starting to warm up to him.

I had also set out his baby book which was completed for his whole first year so you could see how much Teagan had grown each month. I can't believe how much one little person progresses in such a short amount of time. I want to look back and know that I relished every moment of those years that we will never get back and look to the future with

Since Teagan's birthday invitation has his 11 month pic on it, I think the above pic might be the only 12 month pic I have of him. lol. I love that little party hat on him.

I attempted to make my own cake for him... and yes, I'm sure you're saying that you have no idea what it is. I suddenly gained a new respect for people that make cakes and realized that I am NO cake decorator. Since Teagan loves things that spin, this is supposed to be a pimped out wheel with rims. I was going to attempt to have it on something that turned and spun, but I think that was dangerous. You can see that part of the icing is missing from when I almost dropped it and messed part of it up from it hitting the side of the lid on the cake carrier. :(

Do you see how cool these spinners are? ha ha

Got all of these cute matching "Happy 1st Birthday" at All-a-dollar! We got banners and balloons and utensils. It was really cute and colorful.

So, like I was saying before... Teagan did not have fun the first part of his birthday. This is what he was like when we tried to have him eat his cake in front of everyone watching him.

This is what he was like after the majority of the people left. He was a lot better.

I had to put up his, "Oooooooooooooo" picture.

It took him awhile to get messy with it. We kind of had to help him along. I don't think he liked how it squished in his hands at first, but after a long while of sitting there watching him, he started to loosen up and dig in.

One moment please... I must drink some milk in between bites. (PS. Teagan is off the bottle now- Wahoo!)

Mommy & Teagy

Daddy & Teagan opening presents.

This is what started the whole balloon thing. Teagan LOVES balloons now! We have to retire dead balloons all the time and get him new ones. He carries them around in our house constantly. Beware of ceiling fans that are on!

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