Tuesday, October 04, 2011


A few weeks ago I took the boys to Arctic Circle for lunch and they were playing on the play land. While I was watching Teagan go up the stairs to go down the slide, Tate was sitting at the bottom of the stairs watching all the kids go up. There was another little boy there about Teagan's age and he was right up in Tate's face growling and snarling at him (yes, just like an animal) while saying, "You're too little!". Teagan had looked back down the stairs right before he was about to go down the slide and saw this happening. He marched back down the stairs and got in this other little kids face and said, "HEY! That's MY brother!" and the other little boy said, "Well, he's too little!" and Teagan yelled back, "Well, he's growing!". Tate looked over at me and started crying and ran over to me. Teagan is mean to Tate a good portion of the time, so I teared up and thought to myself, "You DO love your brother!"


AmbertheGreat said...

YEAH for updates!!!! Please call me if you need help with anything!!!

Abby O! said...

Awww! That is so sweet! :) I just read your post previous to this one and can I say... I am NEVER moving over seas but will gladly come visit. ;) Hope things have calmed down at least a little. Loves and peaceful thoughts your way.