Thursday, August 10, 2006

Blog Worthy Items

  1. Can you believe I rode TRAX yesterday for the first time since it's been in? It's been in a whole FIVE YEARS! I'm a loser. Natbiskit showed me the life I've been missing out on living right here in Utah. We rode TRAX up to downtown SLC and walked around. Nat-B tried to give me the tour of Mexico which would consist of non-certified Mexican restaurants with no refrigeration to see if I could pass the test. Wouldn't ya know... the first (and second) place we went to - - - CLOSED! :) That should say something. jk

  1. Nat-B (Do you love that everyone has a "Name") and I walked around.... No, I take that back-- I jogged and broke out a sweat while Nat walked, and I was so excited to pick out clothes for Nat and do a makeover. Apparently Nat always buys and THEN tries on clothes at home. ???? Who does that? (BTW this is a "Blog worthy" item for Nat. It is really true when I say, "NEVER tried on anything BEFORE buying". We've moved mountains with this breakthrough.)
  2. I pulled a classic "Tara" and tripped on the street in SLC ...and BOY was it pretty! Those of you who are around me all the time will definitely find it humorous (and of no surprise)
  3. Week 1 of Violin Lessons: I can successfully play: Tucka, Blackberry, Catepillar, Twinkle-Twinkle and Father & Mother. (I feel like I'm 4 yrs old again. Ahh the memories). Ok... well, all of these songs consist of the exact same notes with different timing, but they are all different, right?
  4. I also saved the violins life yesterday. I went downstairs to tune it with the piano that is in my garage (which by the way, I made worse and had to bring it over for Grandma to re-tune) and while walking back upstairs I.... Yep, you guessed it... I totally tripped and thought that the violin was a goner. The hand made violin from Australia that my grandmother told me to treat like I would my own baby. Ouch! I was thankful I could bring it over for her to re-tune it in one piece.
  5. I actually painted my first canvas painting tonight. Pretty fun. I've only ever taken one art class and that happened to be in 7th grade. I tried to copy a picture of the cover of one of my art books. You can see the fine job I did in this high quality photo that I took of it tonight and the look alike next to it. I bet you can't even tell which one is the real one and which one I painted, right? I am just a woman of wonders I tell ya. ;) jk

  1. Going to Lagoon all day tomorrow so that I can get sick and puke. That will be fun. Maybe I will take before and after pics to post up the following day. Ahhhh... the life with no job. I think I actually like this life.
  2. May-gee mooter when home with her mom and her new official dad to Vegas (jen & pres got married). So, now Fwank-winn is back to be an only child for a bit.

Franklin is adorable! :) He's my baby.

AND... one last final thing, I wish I was in NYC with all of the old Unicity folk who are there for convention. Miss you guys! Am thinkin' of you while you're in Time Square and I'm here writing this blog.

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Nicky said...

I miss you!!!!!!!!!!!