Tuesday, August 01, 2006

Life with no job

Well... Now that I don't have a job and just finished my Business Administration degree, I am sitting here at home just being a stay at home mom with 4 dogs (yep, you heard right... FOUR). My friend, Jaybird moved in with me from California about 2 weeks ago since I chose not to take the "husband" route. At any rate, it's been nice to have Jay here. It's so much nicer to live with your friends when you are excited to come home when they are there.

Jen just moved to Vegas and is getting married soon and I'm dog sitting her little Pug, Mayzie or May-gee Mooter as I call her. Jay has 2 enormous dogs, a lab and a lab/shephard mix and then we have my little Franlin or Fwank-Winn as I say to him. (I know, disgusting isn't it?)

Today, I'm making a portfolio for myself and am just going to clean and organize. What a fun day I have planned for myself.

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