Friday, August 04, 2006

New Joseph Smith Movie
So tonight I went to the new Joseph Smith movie over at the Joseph Smith building in Salt Lake City with my mom. The movie was very well done! I pretty much cried like a baby, so it was good that my mom came cause she's a baby too. Just like Legacy, I was very impressed. The message came through strong and clear. Ever since my grandparents served a mission in Nauvoo and I visited there a couple years ago, I have had a greater appreciation for the early saints that went through so much trial and turmoil for the cause of truth. I never had an understanding for it all until that week long Nauvoo trip with my mom and my aunt. This movie was a good reminder of the way I felt so compelled to be humbled during my visit to Nauvoo.

In short, I can re-affirm my testimony of the gospel and of it's purpose here on earth. If I could meet one person, it would be Joseph Smith. As corny as that sounds, it's true. I admire the character of person that he was... from early child hood until the martyrdom. I chose this picture to put up of him because it is one of my favorites. This picture still hangs in his mansion home today, which is owned by The Church of Christ, formerly known as the RLDS church. Joseph and Emma's individual portrait was painted by an unknown artist that stopped by their home, just trying to make some extra money.

Overall, I've left with a feeling of motivation to remember what my values are and the importance of our purpose. Tonight at institute our teacher gave a good analogy. He said, "If you're mowing a lawn, you'll mow a straight line if you keep your eye on something in the horizon (or just far away), but if you keep focus on things that are really close to the mower, you will never mow a straight line." How this relates to my life in particular? Well, it stood out to me in that I can get so wrapped up with my short term goals that I don't always have the end result in focus and sometimes vere a bit. This movie puts the eternal perspective back out there for me to look at and will help me to get by for a little longer until my next "humbling" epxerience comes along.

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