Sunday, September 24, 2006

How creepy is this?
So, we had a BBQ at Nat's house last week. I invited Angie and Bear to come over, whom Nat has never met. The similarities between Nat and Bear are wierd.
  1. Both are System Engineers
  2. Both drive silver Toyota Tacoma's, same body style
  3. Both have been back packing at Wind Rivers every August for the last 12 years and go to the same place each year.
  4. Both of their August 2006 Wind Rivers trip happened to take place the exact same days and right next to each other at the same camp site... mind you, they had still never met at this point.
  5. Both of them are totally into Mountain Biking
  6. Both of them are totally into Dirt Biking

Weird, huh? Wonder if my twin is out there somewhere? Someone that drives a silver rodeo, works at corporate network marketing, loves supercross and has a pug. Whoa!

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