Sunday, September 24, 2006

I couldn't get these pictures to post on my earlier posting of the "Little Sibs", I could only get the pic of Kiley to show... so here they are on their own.
Here is Samma (8) at her birthday part at Classic Skating. Woo Hoo... She is so bubbly and fun. She is also going through the "eye rolling" stage. lol Something funny she asked me yesterday is she said, "Tara, what am I to Franklin and Mayzie? Am I their cousin?" I told her that she is Aunt Samantha which she followed with, "Oh. Ok. I can live with that." ...Serious stuff. :)

Here is Emily (10). She is a "mini-mother" and likes to take care of her little sister. She also loves to play computer games with her dad. She is the one that makes sure we have the Tara Tradition routine at sleep overs. Mint ice cream and chocolate chip cookie dough to eat. She can NOT come over with out it. It is essential to the whole experience.

And here's the baby of the family. Kylan is 7 and always says the funniest stuff. You never know what's going to come out of his mouth. And he always says it like a little adult too. Kids always surprise you with the stuff they say don't they? Kylan is everyone's little helper. He is so in tune with everyone's feelings around him. What a cutie!

These two may not look "little" but are still my little sibs. :) Brian,24 (left) passed away in March 2006 and Robby (right), 23 whom just got engaged as mentioned earlier. Love these boys! Robby used to be the cutest little kid and still has those cute dimples. Always the ladies man. Brian and I used to hide his underwear when we were younger and play the "hot or cold" game to see if he could find it. haa Good times!

When Brian passed away, I wrote the following in his Guest Book online and want to share it.

Brian, I'm sitting up thinking about you and all the fun times we had growing up together. I even remember when you were giving me financial advice at the mall one day when I wanted to buy clothes and you told me to never carry more than $10 cash with me. You said, "If it's important enough to buy, then you'll make the extra effort to go out to your car and get more money." Boy, I wish I'd listen to that sometimes! :) I also remember a conversation you had with me when you became a deacon so many years ago. You asked me what you should do to always make sure the gospel was apart of your life. Even at such a young age you were concerned about doing what was right. I remember telling you to be the example and be the strong one. Although you're not with us here physically, I know you still have choices and decisions to make and pray for your strength and peace. You have always been so sensitive and kind-hearted and always the person to give in for others happiness over your own. I know that you've taken all of your goodness and strength with you. I love you and miss you Brian! Even with all the craziness in our families, you'll always been my little brother.

Love Always,Tara

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