Thursday, September 07, 2006

Labor Day Weekend
I went to New Mexico and visited my good friend Raylene and her family. It was weird to be back in New Mexico. I don't think I've been there for about 5 years. Just little Frank and I drove down there. Franklin didn't get along with their dog, Kira... especially if food ws involved, but overall we had a relaxing weekend just hanging out and catching up. We even go to go hang out at one of the dirt bike race tracks. Raylene's girls are 10 years old and can tear it up out there on the dirt bike. Even her 6 year old does pretty good. :) Myk showed us all how it was done though. He meant business. He doesn't mess around on the track when he puts that helmet on. :) jk

Since I forgot to bring my camera with me, all I have on my computer to give you a dirt bike visual is of Ivan Tedesco, one of my favorite riders. Woo hoooo... He's a hottie!

Jalynn is moving out this weekend (or maybe next weekend). So... I'm back to lookin' for someone else to live in my abode.

The new job is going good. I actually just got promoted. My new title is Director of Leadership Development and Sales. Pretty cool eh? I'm really excited. I get to pretty much do what I want with the position. They are letting Leadership Development be my new "baby". We'll see how it goes. I think they are officially announcing it tomorrow. I have been doing Legal Compliance and Commissions stuff since I've been there and have enjoyed it, but am looking forward to being more involved with the company leaders and helping out with recognition and events.

Tomorrow is my little sisters birthday party. She is having a fiesta bday party with all of her friends. I'm going over to my dads (UT Dad) to help out. She turned 15 this week. I can't believe it! She said to me a couple weeks ago, "I get to drive soon!" and I said, "In like 3 years..." I kept thinking she was 13. How awful of a sister am I? When did she get older? I will have to get some good pictures of the newly turned 15 year old tomorrow. ALSO... my little brother who is 7 just got a couple of gerbils. They look like mice to me. He loves them though and has been so good about taking care of them. I bought him a little running ball and some treats for his new pets. He takes them everywhere with him. BOYS!

Oh... and a couple weeks ago, Lacy and Jeff had their baby blessing for little Breyton. I guess we can say that Lacy is my sister? For those of you that know my family, you understand what I mean by that. :) hee heee

Here's a pic from the blessing. What a cute new baby. I don't think he grows. He just stays teeny and looks the same size every time I see him.

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