Sunday, October 15, 2006

Sand Dunes
This weekend we took a trip to the Sand Dunes. It was a short trip. I went down on Friday after work and met the fam there (Dad, Kiley, Kylan and Gramps) and came home Saturday afternoon. We made a camp out of it and watched Failure to Launch in the tent on my lap top. (Ok. so that's not "really" camping but still fun)

PS. You can click on any of the pictures to enlarge them. Some of you tell me that you cna't see the small pictures when I post them small.

(left) We got grandpa to do the classic Charlie's Angels pose with us. What a good sport!

(right) Me watchin' some of the cool things people were doin' on Sand Mountain. It was packed at the dunes this UEA weekend!

Kylan carried this shovel around everywhere he went to dig holes. I fell in this hole that almost went up to my knee. I'm pretty much lucky to be alive.

Franklin was of course a little nuthead that was out of control. He had to chase every quad that drove by. It drove me crazy. I need to watch more of the Dog Whisperer. (sigh)

Franklin's also smart enough to try and lick liquid up from the dirt. So he had mud on his face the whole time we were there... as you can see from his picture.

Me pretend sleeping. I'm pretty much the actress of the year. You didn't even know I was pretending huh? Well, I'm going to have to post my other pictures in a different posting because it's not letting me add all of the other pic's that I want to.

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