Friday, January 26, 2007

My Sister Ev... :)
Ev & Tara at Los Hermanos before her and Brad got married. I think this picture was taken in December sometime.

Fondue Party
We had a girls get together in December at my house. It was fun. We just talked, mingled, made fondue, tapioca and Christmas Bark that was egg nog flavored. Below, Mom, Me, Kiley, Emily and Samantha.

Tara & Laura

Jim Brickman Concert

Ok. I look totally chubby in this picture. Yes, I'm totally aware. But, I had to put it up cause I went to the Jim Brickman and Colin Raye concert in SLC when they came for the FM100 concert. Jim Brickman is my favorite pianist. He is awesome. I went and saw him in concert at the beginning of the year at Abravanel (sp) Hall. He is seriously amazing. And then Colin Raye is a famous country singer that I loved in high school. I went up by myself on my lunch break one day to see them at the mall they are now tearing down across the street from Temple Square. :( Then I met Nate for lunch at this pizza place on 21st south and state street in slc. If you haven't eaten there, you should. Yum! It's called, "The Rusted ..something" I can't remember now. But you should try it.

Vegas Baby!
As I was looking through my pictures, I remembered that I went to Vegas for the weekend not too long ago to visit Jenya. Too bad that I got there and got sick. We ended up watching Laguna Beach for 7 hours while I layed there sick on Saturday and ate Bubble Bread and managed to get up and get ready to eat out at The Cheesecake Factory. My Fav! It was still fun though. We used to do stuff like that everyday, but now she is oh so far away. :( (sniffle sniffle)

Mayzie and Franklin playing. Frank is all worn out with his floppy tongue hanging out. They are so fun!

Jen lives right off of Las Vegas Blvd, so everything is really close to her house. The night I got there we went out to eat at Pei Wei and then we went and saw the "Dualing Piano's". You write pretty much any song down on a piece of paper... and song you can think of, and request it with a tip attached. Then they play and sing it together. It was amazing to me that they knew all of these songs. How does someone know that many songs. They played for 4 hours rotating one guy out every hour. I was very impressed. Except for one of the piano guys was creepy and had a really creepy smile. He kept turning around and staring (and NOT inconspicuously) at Jenya. When we got up to leave he ran after us and when he figured that Jenya was married, (because she started talking about "her husband"), he turned to me... Ewww. We hurried and just left. I pretty much wouldn't make eye contact with him. Jenya hit me on the way out and thanked me for making her talk the whole time. hee hee

We tried to take pic's of us on the couch before I left to drive home. We couldn't get Franklin and Mayze to look at the camera. They wondered what the heck we were doing.

...And no, this is not my beer. Got ya though, huh? :) It was left at the table we were sitting at while watching the dualing pianos. The piano guys were giving us a hard time about not ordering any alcohol while we were there. They thought it wierd we'd come to a bar and not have any.

Some More Friends...

Nicky and Lynell. Nicky used to be my cubie buddy at Unicity. I am a regular subscriber to her Snapfish photos though and get to see her daughter grow up online. :) Isn't that what the world is coming to now? I've seen so many people on MySpace that I went to high school with that I won't even need to go to my next High School Reunion. Scary... my 10 year is coming up. Am I that old?

Lynell is also a long time buddy that I met at Unicity. Lynell lives in Boca Raton Florida now. We keep in touch via MySpace and email. She is working now for another MLM competitor, Waiora and is loving it. She is the Recognitions Manager. I almost applied for a job with them because they are going to have a warehouse in SLC, but now I'm yet at another competitor (cause thats just the way of the biz). Miss you Lyntel Bean!

Jina or as we used to call her, Tina Sin. Funniest girl you'll ever meet. Not only my friend, but my old Marketing Boss at Unicity. Now Jina is working at Neways as one of their Product Line Managers. Also, I just found out she is getting married in April and am so excited for her. Congrats Jina! Be easy on him. :)

Lyntel Bean and Carly. I am lucky enough to work with Carly again at my current job. Carly is the Director of Communication and also does the event planning. I think this pic was taken at the Unicity convention in San Diego last February 2006. This is the last event we all worked at together. I hope we can all still stay in touch. Glad that we are all still in the industry. It's a better guaranty that we'll always know what each other is up to. Sad but true. :) Gotta love MLM.

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