Friday, January 26, 2007

Making funny faces (except Grandma) at Sunday Dinner over at Dad's with Dad, Franklin, Robby, Brooklyn, Grandma Jackie, Grandpa Dee, Me, Kiley and Kylan

The following pictures are in addition to my Halloween post right before this one. I for some reason can't get the pictures to post if I type stuff up first. Weird...

Angie decorating the spider cupcakes that we made at my house.

How cute! Little did we know that these cute little cupcakes that we dyed black for the Halloween spirit would turn everything bright green when it came out on the other end. It must've been part of the Halloween cheer. :) Yepeee!

Feeling the satisfaction in Angie's kitchen and so content with our finished product.

Angie's pumpkin (left), My pumpkin (right)

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