Sunday, May 13, 2007

Guitar Hero II Party

Left to Right: Chris & Chelle, Aaron & Dana, Me & Scott
Group Shot - Silly

Me & the Liddle Brothers (Nathan & Joe)

Aaron & Dana playin' Guitar Hero...

We had Dance, Dance Revolution going on in the other room as well as some karaoke on the PS2.

Chris & Chelle

We dressed up like heavy metal butt rockers. How do you like Scott's tattoo that he drew himself on his arm. Suhhweeet! :) Everyone left with a tattoo. Check out my sweet tat on my neck. I dont know if you can see it very good below.
Samantha & Emily got some tat's too.

Being nerdy...

Tara & Chelle

The Liddle's (Nathan & Joe)

Me & the Little Sis, Kiley

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Anonymous said...

FINALLY! I check your blog every day hoping for an update. So glad you finally posted something. I'm sad we couldn't make it to your party. Next time for sure!