Monday, October 29, 2007

Guitar Hero III

So Guitar Hero III is out. Scott called me the other night because he pre-ordered it when it came out at midnight on Saturday night/Sunday AM. I went up to Bountiful and played until 6am with him and one of his friends. We played ALLLLL night until our brains stopped working, until our eyes could no longer see and our hands cramped up and could no longer push one more Guitar Hero III button. I found out what VGH was and that I now had it. What is it you ask? Video Game Hangover. Lame... I've found out that I can be a total video game nerd. I'm totally obsessed with Guitar Hero.

At any rate, I give this game a thumbs up. It is way harder than Guitar Hero II. I like that it is that much more challenging. I'M THE CHAMPION!!! HA haaa...

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