Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Some Pictures

Since my last blogs were so long and didn't have pictures I thought I should put SOMETHING up to keep ya interested. ;)

My new hair cut. I cut about 10 inches off.

We hosted some guests in the office last week and they sent us flowers to say thank you. Here all of the gals are that got flowers. We took a picture and sent him a thank you email.

On our way home from CO this summer a semi flipped over and we got delayed with no movement for almost 2 hours. It totally sucked. So we got out and chatted with people in the cars next to us and took some pic's.

Heather, her daughter, and her "friend" in CO. :)

Although Mayzie is wearing the Lion outfit, this is Franklin's Halloween costume. LOL He kind of hates the mane. It bugs him. I need to take pic's of HIM in it now.

Harry made a helmet for Franklin one night. I laughed and laughed. Poor little guy. He'll do anything for treats.

Harry surprised us with SuperBike racing tickets. This is me and his roommate Russ. Wow! Look how long my hair was. I just cut it not too long ago and plan on cutting it again tomorrow.

This is my dad being silly with some plastic egg ends. Hilarious!

Jalynn came from AZ this summer and visited me for a week. It was so good to see her and have her here. It's so good to have long time friends!

Jay, Harry, Sally, Jeremy

FHE last week at my place. Carving pumpkins. Jeremy looks hot in this picture. ...just an observation. ;)

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