Wednesday, October 17, 2007


Ohhh. Duh, I didn't include anything about my roommies on the last post. Again, I will outline it.

Roommate Chauni aka "Scammer" #1:
Moved in my place in January. Charged her hardly anything. She stole from me, lied about it and was a disasterous non-hygenic live in. Ugh! Ended up kicking her out after she owed me so much money, kept her stuff and now she's arguing with me how much $ she owes me.

Roommate Jesarela aka "Scammer" #2:
Moved into my place in March. Found out she was a pathalogical liar... She went to "visit" CA and didn't ever come back for over a month and just left all her stuff at my house. She of course owed me a balance at this point and gave me a check so she could get her stuff. Check? Bad idea... yeah, it bounced for $600. (oh and PS: I had helped her get a job at my work. Bad idea #2)

The update on her is that she moved in with a friend of hers and stole her friends bank card, drained her friends account, stole electronic stuff from the place she worked and took of to San Diego. The only good idea I had was not letting her move back in with me before this happened.

Roommate Matt aka "Best Roommate Ever" #3:
Yes, you read that right. I live with Matt, a guy. His family is good friends with my friend Laura's family. He is a marine and was stationed her at the last second, only had 12 hrs to find a place to stay and I trust Laura and her "referrals". So, needless to say, I'd never met the kid and he moved in. We get a long really well (his girlfriend isn't too fond of me), and he cooks, cleans, takes out the trash, is never home AND the best part is that he has already paid his rent. MIRACLE! He was only going to stay here til he found another place, but I will be sad when he goes. He'll probably only live here til the end of Nov from the sounds of it.

Also, he is catholic, seems to be pretty religious. He has a lot of questions about the church and has even asked me if he can go with me. So, this next Sunday will be his first "mormon" experience. I will have to update you on how that goes. He didn't want to be stationed in UT of all places but said that he feels like there is a bigger purpose and isn't sure what it is yet. Interesting...

Here's a picture of Matt:

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