Friday, June 27, 2008

Baby Green

So, this isn’t the best picture(s). It didn’t scan very well and it already wasn’t the best quality picture. But hopefully you can kind of tell what it is. The baby is lying on its side with their little head and back turned towards the camera. Then I labeled the picture below.

Our baby is:

13 weeks along
3 ½ inches long
Weighs 1 ½ oz
Due on January 2nd
Measuring to be due on December 30th
*Our doctor said we had a big baby. I KNEW it! Ha haa However, to everyone's foreboding, we are only have one baby and not two.

Wow… we got there and I was like, “Whoa, there really IS a baby in there! I thought I was just getting fat and feeling sick all the time.” It was quite the reality check for me.

I’m still grasping that it’s really real.

But, I have a ‘premonition’ that it’s a girl. I find out in 3 weeks. Thanks to my little sis, she tipped me off on a clinic in Provo that will do the sonogram at 16 weeks instead of the 21 wks my doctor was going to make us wait. :) Wahooo! I can hardly wait. So... the big "Mystery" will be solved on July 17th. Let's keep our fingers crossed that our little baby green is not turned with their back toward the camera like in the pics below. I would be sooooo sad! I can't wait to start buying stuff.

My next Dr appointment with MY doc is on July 23rd. And my 21 week appoint for "confirmation" of my sneakiness will be in August. He heee

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