Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Baby Names

Jeremy and I finally agree on a girl name and a boy name.

Here are the names we have chosen (…unless it changes).

If it’s a boy:

Teagan Amana Green
Amana Means: Sovereign- King, Ruler
Teagan is Irish - Amana is Tahitian
***Pronounced: “Tee-guhn” “Uh-Mah-Nuh”***

If it’s a girl (which it will be):
Kenadi Poema Green
Poema Means: Deep Sea Pearl
*Goes with my Tahitian name which means, “The Life of a Beautiful Black Pearl”
Kenadi is Irish - Poema is Tahitian
***Pronounced: “Kennedy” “Poe-Ay-Muh”***

PS. We have already decided we're not sold on Kenadi's middle name, so we're still trying to figure that one out.

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