Thursday, July 03, 2008

Blood Drive

Today Jeremy came to my work to donate blood for the blood drive we were having. I couldn't do it since I was pregnant, so I volunteered, Jeremy. I'm actually terrified of giving blood and needles, so I have to say... I don't know if I would've done it even if I wasn't prego.

I was already scared of giving blood, but at my last doctor's appointment they had me give blood. As Jeremy and I walked into the flabotomist (sp?) Jeremy asked, "so have you ever missed?" This large, burley woman with a scowl on her face says sharply, "no, never". Well, I think he jinxed it for me cause she stuck my arm 2x in one arm and couldn't get anything, stuck me in my other arm and couldn't get anything and then stuck me again in my original arm and had the needle in my arm forever. I can't look and refuse to. I was watching Jeremy's face and his eyes got big. I yelled at him to look away cause it was making me nervous. I ended up with the biggest bruise on my arm (and found later it would take 2 weeks to go away). After we left the Dr appt, Jeremy told me that she was digging in my arm with the needle and moving it back and forth while in my arm to try and get blood. So giving blood? Not so much fun for myself. However, I commend those that do it. Someone needs to.

Anyway, Jeremy asks the lady that is going to take his blood at the blood drive if she's ever missed and while he was at it he decided to ask her why I would've gotten such a big bruise. She said that the person taking my blood must've gone through a vein on both sides to do that. Wouldn't ya know that right after this conversation, she stuck Jeremy and missed and had to try again. Now he has a bruise on his arm. i told him not to ask people anymore.

And as a side note, I started crying while I was sitting there waiting for Jeremy to get his blood. Yes, I just sat there tearing up while eating cookies and juice that they gave me (even though I didn't give any blood, lol) because I was thinking about how special this blood is to someone elses life. Remember, I'm pregnant. I usually never cry about anything. Lately, everything makes me tear up. Everything and nothing...

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