Monday, August 11, 2008

Glen Manning & Ivey Peck Family Reunion

Grandma Ivey Peck, Jeremy's Grandma

Manning/Peck Kids: Aunt Jolene, Aunt Marla, Lona (Jeremy's Mom), Uncle Jerry - In Memory of Uncle Karl.

This weekend was Jeremy's family reunion on his mom's side. We had it at his brother Shane's house in Lehi and it was a BBQ/Swim party. Tons o fun!

Jeremy's sister in law, Sheri, also made a DVD of all the old pic's of the grandparents and kids growing up. They told lots of stories and it was fun to learn all about Jeremy's family and their background. After lots of time in the sun (which I actually fell asleep inside where it was cool... it takes it out of you being prego), we went to the cemetary in Lehi where his grandma is buried. I got to talk to his mom and aunt's a lot about their life and thoroughly enjoyed all of it. Since Jeremy's parents are the youngest and Jeremy is the youngest in his family, he didn't get to know his grandparents very well. I'm glad that my grandparents are young and still play a big role in my life and can be a part of our lives and our growing family's life too.

PS. Here's a new prego pic of me from the day of the reunion. ...ahhhh no make up.

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