Monday, August 11, 2008

Ode to my Husband

I'm just sitting here thinking how grateful I am for my husband. He is so good to me and I couldn't have married anyone better. We don't have the perfect relationship by any means, everyone has their problems... but, we have already been through so many hard times - more than people know - and have been able to work through them and become closer as a result of them.

My thoughts on marriage so far? That seems to be the retorative question from everyone these days. Well, I know that people tell you its hard work, but you never know how hard it is til you're in it. I've often thought to myself... is it harder to get married when you're younger, before you're set in your ways, but feel like you missed out on playing OR is it harder when you marry after you're set in your ways and have to think about someone else other than yourself? I don't have the answer and I'm guessing its just different for everyone. The timing in my life couldn't have been better for me though.

Top 25 things that I love about my hubby:

1. Every morning he prays with me before he goes to work... right after he cleans up a bit, makes me a morning shake with my morning vitamins and puts my phone and keys where I will find them (he hee, cause I never know where they are)

2. He sends me flowers for no reason

3. He will stop by at work to bring me a Jamba Juice just because he thinks I might like it.

4. He thinks of me often through the day and calls, texts, emails, or IM's to tell me how much he loves me, even when he's at work.

5. He is soooo attentive to me. Especially now that I'm pregnant, he doesn't make me do anything that might be to strenuous; including the house work and chores that need to be done.

6. He hardly ever calls me by my name. He usually refers to me as, "Sweety, Baby, Sunshine, Angel, and Pumpkin" :) He once called me "tara" and it caught me off guard. I thought I was in trouble or something. ha haa

7. Even when he's busy with work and coaching football, he always sets some time aside for just me and him. He never lets me think that there are other things more important to him than me and our families.

8. He always tells me how much he loves me and is grateful for me. There isn't a day that passes that he forgets to do that.

9. We have the same goals and work towards them together.

10. He is my BESTEST friend! He knows everything about me. I've never had that with anyone.

11. ...and even after knowing everything about me, he STILL loves me. He knows my weaknesses and my soft spots and still builds me up to tell me all the amazing things about myself, even when I don't see it.

12. He loves my family! He always wants to spend time with them and that is so important to me. ...Plus they love him too! (also a bonus)

13. It doesn't seem to phase him one bit about how fat and prego I am. He still tells me every day how beautiful I am. (and I need that right now) :)

14. He is prepared and still preparing to do what it takes to be a provider and eternal leader for our family and I'm so proud of him for how hard he's worked and is working on those things each day.

15. He is spontaneous and is always up for my random rendezvous'.

16. He is soooooooo nerdy! He makes me laugh every day!

17. Although we don't enjoy a lot of the same activities, he's always interested in my interests because he cares about me. He will sit and watch all of the HGTV Design Star with me or John & Kate Plus 8... He'll even go shopping with me for home decor items or run errands with me when he doesn't want to.

18. He will always take our cars to get washed and change the oils and rotate our tires.

19. He will always offer to make me breakfast or lunch or dinner just because he can.

20. He takes an interest in my friends and families lives because they are a part of his life now and truly cares what is going on with them and offers to help where he can.

21. You know how there are some people that are so nice that you wonder if they are really like that all the time? Well, that is how Jeremy is... He is that nice even to me when no one is around to see it. That is just Jeremy. It is one of the things I most love about him. He is so caring.

22. He is definitely the more humble one between us. He is usually the one to say sorry after an argument before I do. It always takes me a little bit longer to come around. I'm grateful for his willingness and effort.

23. He never gets sick of me complaining how uncomfortable or sick I've been through this pregnancy. Not ONCE! And, he never downplays how I might be feeling.

24. He keeps the plants in our house watered. :) (even though some of them still look a little shabby, he always pulls them through)

25. I can't imagine myself with anyone else. He is perfect for me and fulfills needs I had finally come to the conclusion after dating so much, were too high of expectations for myself. But, I was wrong. We still have some much to learn from eachother and with eachother and so many happy moments and trials to come. I'm glad I held out for my eternal companion when I've had so many other opportunities to settle for something less. I am so blessed!

Love you Baby!


WeGotEggs said...

Well I think the better half is the reason you have a great husband... Love you sweetie.

Suzanne said...

So happy that you married a great guy who treats you so great! Congrats on the boy! I'm so excited for you to have him.

J and K Sabey said...

Tara, you are lucky you married him when you did, because I was hot on pursuit for Jeremy myself! I know we're cousins, but that makes it ok. You won the battle, but I will win the war!