Monday, August 04, 2008

Weekend in Bear Lake

This weekend we went on a spontaneous trip to Bear Lake for one day packed with fun! We got up Saturday morning and got ready for some camping and drove up to Bear Lake and camped out in a tent at Ideal Beach. We ate at the Big Bear Lake Pizza Place and went back to set up camp for some S'More makin'. However, I forgot to pack the bug spray and I seem to attract every mosquito in town every time I near one of them. I was running around waving my arms in the air and finally locked myself in the tent and told Jeremy to go get some spray for me in town. I was getting all butt bent about the mosquitos. Jeremy thought it was funny that I got about 30 mosquito bites and not one mosquito bit him. :S ...of course! The next day we rented 2 wave runners for 4 hours each and rode and rode and rode. I think we'd have been good after 2 hours, but since we'd already gotten then for 4, I would've rather sat out in the middle of the lake eating on it before we wasted our time giving them back early. We were exhausted at the end of the day and ready to drive home. Jeremy got some AWESOME rubbed rash on the back of his legs from holding on so tight to the waverunner and I remember asking if they had maternity life jackets (ha ha). I wasn't serious of course, but I definitely dont know how attractive it was. Baby Teagan did good for his first waverunner experience. He didn't complain or get sick once. I have a feeling that he's going to be like his mommy. :)

On the way home from Bear Lake we left the radio off and talked the whole way home. I love those good long talks! It was fun! We are trying to take advantage of every moment for the last few months we have together before we have a baby. I have some pic's but need to get them from my moms house to put up. ...stay tuned.

Ta dah... Here are the pic's finally.

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