Saturday, September 06, 2008

Apricots & More Apricots

Since I haven't had a job, I have had time to do so many other things that I would've never had time to do before. A few weeks ago I got up early one morning and headed over to Grandma and Grandpa Grovers to can apricots from their tree. It was really fun! And it was my first time. Now I have a bunch of canned apricots and aprioct jam at home. I think I might even make some apricot crisp today. Yum!

Apricot jam is my favorite and I had told this to Jeremy's mom, who told her sister, Marla and Marla made me some apricot jam and then Lona (Jeremy's Mom) made me some apricot jam and now I have the 8 bottles that I made, plus my Grandma Pat gave me some... SO, we are all stocked up with apricots and apricot jam. :)


Alanya said...

Good job! I really admire those that take the time to can anything... I have only done it when my mom made me (growing up). And now I wished I actually paid attention so I could do it myself. Oh the things we wished we knew back then.

The Raney's said...

I totally agree with Alanya! I totally wish I had time to can peaches. One day I keep telling myself! I wish that day was here!

I miss you! When do you want to go to lunch?