Saturday, September 06, 2008

Happy Birthday Kiley!

Kiley is 17 today! Holy cow! I SWEAR I was just 17. It seems like she was just barely a little baby running around singing Barney songs.

So, I stole this picture off of her MySpace because this picture reminds me of what I was like at 17. ha haa

Happy Birthday Ki-Ki! Ya Nerd!

Also, here's a pic over at Grandma & Grandpa Humpherys house for her Sunday Bday party.

Poor girl... she didn't even want a bday party with friends this year, just her fam, and my dad got her a chocolate cake, which she doesn't like, and a bday thrown together at the last second. :( Sorry Kiley! I should've planned the family thing for you. :) Next year when I'm more "party oriented" (aka not prego), I will kick it in to full gear again like I usually do for your birthdays. Plus next year is a BIG one for you. 1-8!!! Will that really classify you as an adult?

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Alanya said...

Hey girl! Get back into the blogger world :) We miss you! I've tagged you, so check out my blog to see what to do.